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Ismail Hassan

Ismail Hassan

Scientific publications

Hassan, Ismail ; Oommen, John; Yazidi, Anis (2023). Adaptive learning with artificial barriers yielding Nash equilibria in general games. 24 p. Knowledge engineering review (Print). Vol. 38.

Fritsch, Lothar ; Hassan, Ismail ; Paintsil, Ebenezer (2023). Secure IT Systems - 28th Nordic Conference, NordSec 2023, Oslo, Norway, November 16–17, 2023, Proceedings. ISBN: 978-3-031-47747-8. 352 p. Springer.

Hassan, Ismail ; Oommen, John B.; Yazidi, Anis (2022). Learning Automata with Artificial Reflecting Barriers in Games with Limited Information. Proceedings of the International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference.

Hassan, Ismail (2022). Levereging Apache Guacamole, Linux LXD and Docker Containers to Deliver a Secure Online Lab for a Large Cybersecurity Course. 9 p. Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference.

Dzogovic, Bruno ; Santos, Bernardo ; Hassan, Ismail ; Feng, Boning ; Do, Thuan Van ; Jacot, Niels; Do, van Thanh (2022). Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Approach for Dynamic 5G Network Slicing with Network Service Mesh and Segment-Routing over IPv6. Conference Proceedings, IEEE (Ed.). 2022 International Conference on Development and Application Systems (DAS) Conference Proceedings. p. 105-114. IEEE conference proceedings.

Santos, Bernardo ; Barriga, Luis; Dzogovic, Bruno ; Hassan, Ismail ; Feng, Boning ; Jacot, Niels; Do, Thuan Van ; Do, van Thanh (2022). Threat Modelling for 5G networks. Conference Proceedings, IEEE (Ed.). 2022 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (IWCMC). p. 611-616. The Printing House.

Yazidi, Anis ; Hassan, Ismail ; Hammer, Hugo Lewi ; Oommen, John (2021). Achieving Fair Load Balancing by Invoking a Learning Automata-Based Two-Time-Scale Separation Paradigm. 13 p. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. Vol. 32.

Hassan, Ismail (2020). Automated Authentic Assessment: Applied to an Undergraduate Course in Network and System Administration. 8 p. IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON.

Hassan, Ismail (2020). Teaching Cybersecurity to Computer Science Students Utilizing Terminal Sessions Recording Software as a Pedagogical Tool. Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference.

Hassan, Ismail (2004). Advances in information technology and its implication on privacy. Sandnes, Frode Eika; Begnum, Kyrre; Burgess, Mark (Ed.). Network and System Administration Research Surveys vol. 1. p. 36-44. Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus.

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