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Sølve Selstø

Sølve Selstø


My teaching involves primarily mathematics and physics for engineering students.

By background I'm a theoretical physicist - specializing in atomic physics.

Within my research I am interested in how microscopical objects behave - objects which are subject to the laws of quantum physics. This includes phenomena which involve the interaction between matter and light - such as when an atom is torn apart by a strong laser pulse. It also involves quantum information technology.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Atomic physics, molecular physics   Physics   Condensed matter physics

Subject areas

Quantum mechanics   Decohrence   Doubly excited states   Relativistic quantum physics   Quantum computing   Non-Hermitian quantum physics   Atto second physics

Scientific publications

Bungum, Berit; Selstø, Sølve (2022). What do quantum computing students need to know about quantum physics?. 12 p. European Journal of Physics. Vol. 43.

Selstø, Sølve (2022). Absorbers as detectors for unbound quantum systems. 7 p. Physical Review A (PRA). Vol. 106.

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Kjellsson Lindblom, Tor Hugo Iwao; Selstø, Sølve (2021). Relativistic photoionization with elliptically polarized laser fields in the ultraviolet region. 10 p. Physical Review A (PRA). Vol. 104.

Bungum, Berit; Selstø, Sølve (2021). Quantum Computing vs. Physics: What do Quantum Computing Students Need to Know about Quantum Mechanics?. ERCIM News.

Kjellsson Lindblom, Tor Hugo Iwao; Førre, Morten; Lindroth, Eva; Selstø, Sølve (2020). Relativistic effects in photoionizing a circular Rydberg state in the optical regime. Physical Review A (PRA). Vol. 102:063108.

Førre, Morten; Selstø, Sølve (2020). Schrödinger formulation of the nondipole light-matter interaction consistent with relativity. Physical Review A (PRA). Vol. 101:03416.

Kjellsson Lindblom, Tor; Førre, Morten; Lindroth, Eva; Selstø, Sølve (2018). Semirelativistic Schrödinger equation for relativistic laser-matter interactions. Physical Review Letters. Vol. 121.

Kjellsson, Tor; Førre, Morten; Simonsen, Aleksander; Selstø, Sølve ; Lindroth, Eva (2017). Alternative gauge for the description of the light-matter interaction in a relativistic framework. 8 p. Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (PRA). Vol. 96:023426.

Kjellsson, Tor; Selstø, Sølve ; Lindroth, Eva (2017). Relativistic ionization dynamics for a hydrogen atom exposed to superintense XUV laser pulses. 9 p. Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (PRA). Vol. 95.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete