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Sergiy Denysov

Sergiy Denysov

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Scientific publications

Yusipov, Igor; Vershinina, Olga; Denysov, Sergiy; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2020). Photon waiting-time distributions: A keyhole into dissipative quantum chaos. Chaos . Vol. 30.

Schnell, Alexander; Eckardt, Andre; Denysov, Sergiy (2020). Is there a Floquet Lindbladian?. Physical review B (PRB) .

Volokitin, V; Vakulchyk, Ihor; Kozinov, E; Liniov, A; Meyerov, I; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Laptyeva, T; Denysov, Sergiy (2019). Propagating large open quantum systems towards their asymptotic states: cluster implementation of the time-evolving block decimation scheme. Journal of Physics: Conference Series . Vol. 1392.

Liniov, A; Meyerov, I; Kozinov, E; Volokitin, V; Yusipov, Igor; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Denysov, Sergiy (2019). Unfolding a quantum master equation into a system of real-valued equations: Computationally effective expansion over the basis of SU(N) generators. Physical review. E . Vol. 100.

Zarfaty, Lior; Peletskyi, Alexander; Barkai, Eli; Denysov, Sergiy (2019). Infinite horizon billiards: Transport at the border between Gauss and Lévy universality classes. Physical review. E . Vol. 100.

Denysov, Sergiy; Laptyeva, T; Tarnowski, Wojciech; Chruściński, Dariusz; Życzkowski, Karol (2019). Universal spectra of random Lindblad operators. Physical Review Letters . Vol. 123.

Yusipov, Igor; Vershinina, Olga; Denysov, Sergiy; Kuznetsov, Sergey; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2019). Quantum Lyapunov exponents beyond continuous measurements. 6 p. Chaos . Vol. 29.

Pankratova, E; Kalyakulina, A; Krivonosov, M; Denysov, Sergiy; Taute, K; Zaburdaev, Vasily (2018). Chemotactic drift speed for bacterial motility pattern with two alternating turning events. PLOS ONE . Vol. 13.

Krivonosov, M; Zaburdaev, Vasily; Denysov, Sergiy; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2018). Genetic noise mechanism for power-law switching in bacterial flagellar motors. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General . Vol. 51.

Zarfaty, Lior; Peletskyi, Alexander; Fouxon, Itzhak; Denysov, Sergiy; Barkai, Eli (2018). Dispersion of particles in an infinite horizon Lorentz gas. Physical Review E. Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics . Vol. 98.

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