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Sergiy Denysov

Sergiy Denysov

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Tarnowski, Wojciech; Yusipov, Igor; Laptyeva, T; Denysov, Sergiy; Chruscinski, Dariusz; Zyczkowski, K (2021). Random generators of Markovian evolution: A quantum-classical transition by superdecoherence. Physical review. E . Vol. 104.

Yusipov, Igor; Volokitin, V; Liniov, A; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Meyerov, I; Denysov, Sergiy (2021). Machine learning versus semidefinite programming approach to a particular problem of the theory of open quantum systems. Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics . Vol. 42.

Yusipov, Igor; Denysov, Sergiy; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2021). Chaotic spin-photonic quantum states in an open periodically modulated cavity. 5 p. Chaos . Vol. 31.

Denysov, Sergiy; Vershinina, Olga; Thingna, Juzar; Hanggi, Peter; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2020). Quasi-stationary states of game-driven systems: A dynamical approach. Chaos . Vol. 30.

Meyerov, I.; Liniov, A.; Ivanchenko, M.; Denysov, Sergiy (2020). Modeling Complex Quantum Dynamics: Evolution of Numerical Algorithms in the HPC Context. Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics . Vol. 41.

Meyerov, I; Liniov, A; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Denysov, Sergiy (2020). Simulating quantum dynamics: Evolution of algorithms in the HPC context. Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics . Vol. 41.

Meyerov, I; Kozinov, E; Liniov, A; Volokitin, V; Yusipov, Igor; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Denysov, Sergiy (2020). Transforming Lindblad Equations Into Systems of Real-Valued Linear Equations: Performance Optimization and Parallelization of an Algorithm. Entropy . Vol. 22.

Yusipov, Igor; Vershinina, Olga; Denysov, Sergiy; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2020). Photon waiting-time distributions: A keyhole into dissipative quantum chaos. Chaos . Vol. 30.

Schnell, Alexander; Eckardt, Andre; Denysov, Sergiy (2020). Is there a Floquet Lindbladian?. Physical review B (PRB) . Vol. 101.

Vershinina, Olga; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Denysov, Sergiy (2019). Quasi-stationary oscillations in game-driven evolutionary dynamics. Cybernetics and Physics (CAP) . Vol. 8.

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