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Sergiy Denysov

Sergiy Denysov


I am Professor of Theoretical Physics and my main areas of research are random walks & stochastic processes and  quantum physics. I am also interested in quantum computing.

Research groups

Scientific publications

Denysov, Sergiy; Haque, Masudul; Goran, Nakerst (2023). Random sparse generators of Markovian evolution and their spectral properties. Physical Review E (PRE). Vol. 108.

Denysov, Sergiy; Tarnowski, Wojciech; Zyczkowski, K; Chruscinski, Dariusz (2023). Random Lindblad operators obeying detailed balance. Open systems & information dynamics. Vol. 30.

Bhandari, Shailendra; Overskott, Sebastian Testanière; Adamopoulos, Ioannis; Lind, Pedro; Denysov, Sergiy; Nichele, Stefano (2022). Evolving Quantum Circuits to Implement Stochastic and Deterministic Cellular Automata Rules. Chopard, Bastien; Bandini, Stefania; Dennunzio, Alberto; Arabi Haddad, Mira (Ed.). Cellular Automata, 15th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, ACRI 2022, Geneva, Switzerland, September 12–15, 2022, Proceedings. p. 119-129. Springer.

Volokitin, V; Meyerov, I; Denysov, Sergiy (2022). Machine learning approach to the Floquet-Lindbladian problem. 16 p. Chaos. Vol. 32.

Rego Lencastre e Silva, Pedro; Bhurtel, Samip; Yazidi, Anis; Borges Moreno e Mello, Gustavo; Denysov, Sergiy; Lind, Pedro (2022). EyeT4Empathy: Dataset of foraging for visual information, gaze typing and empathy assessment. 8 p. Scientific Data. Vol. 9.

Tarnowski, Wojciech; Yusipov, Igor; Laptyeva, T; Denysov, Sergiy; Chruscinski, Dariusz; Zyczkowski, K (2021). Random generators of Markovian evolution: A quantum-classical transition by superdecoherence. 17 p. Physical Review E (PRE). Vol. 104.

Yusipov, Igor; Volokitin, V; Liniov, A; Ivanchenko, Mikhail; Meyerov, I; Denysov, Sergiy (2021). Machine learning versus semidefinite programming approach to a particular problem of the theory of open quantum systems. Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 42.

Schnell, Alexander; Denysov, Sergiy; Eckardt, André (2021). High-frequency expansions for time-periodic Lindblad generators. 21 p. Physical review B (PRB). Vol. 104.

Bystrik, Yuri; Denysov, Sergiy (2021). Asymptotic densities of planar Lévy walks: A nonisotropic case. 13 p. Physical Review E (PRE). Vol. 104.

Yusipov, Igor; Denysov, Sergiy; Ivanchenko, Mikhail (2021). Chaotic spin-photonic quantum states in an open periodically modulated cavity. 5 p. Chaos. Vol. 31.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete