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Scientific publications

Andersen, Henrik Lindegaard; Osland, Liv; Zhang, Meng Le (2023). Labour market integration of refugees and the importance of the neighbourhood: Norwegian quasi-experimental evidence. Journal for labour market research . Vol. 57.

Zhang, Meng Le; Andersen, Henrik Lindegaard; Osland, Liv (2023). Measuring the effect of cash incentives on migrant integration in Norway: early results from a quasi-experiment. Department of Economics Working Paper Series.

Gjestland, Arnstein; Osland, Liv; Thorsen, Inge (2020). Measures of labour market accessibility. What can we learn from observed commuting patterns?. REGION: The Journal of ERSA . Vol. 7.

Osland, Liv Aileen; Östh, John; Nordvik, Viggo (2020). House price valuation of environmental amenities: An application of GIS-derived data. Regional Science Policy & Practice .

Bohman, Helena; Jandric, Maja; Osland, Liv (2019). On an Equal Footing? Comparing Commuting Patterns Across Space and Gender. Håkansson, Peter Gladoić; Bohman, Helena (Ed.). Investigating Spatial Inequalities: Mobility, Housing and Employment in Scandinavia and South-East Europe. Kapittel 11. p. 177-196. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Nordvik, Viggo; Osland, Liv; Thorsen, Inge Heldal; Thorsen, Ingrid Sandvig (2019). Capitalization of neighbourhood diversity and segregation. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space . Vol. 51.

Bivand, Roger; Sha, Zhe; Osland, Liv Aileen; Thorsen, Ingrid Sandvig (2017). A comparison of estimation methods for multilevel models of spatially structured data. Spatial Statistics . Vol. 21.

Aarland, Kristin; Osland, Liv Aileen; Gjestland, Arnstein (2017). Do area-based intervention programs affect house prices? A quasi-experimental approach. Journal of Housing Economics . Vol. 37.

Osland, Liv Aileen; Thorsen, Ingrid Sandvig; Thorsen, Inge (2016). Accounting for local spatial heterogeneities in housing market studies. Journal of Regional Science . Vol. 56.

Osland, Liv Aileen (2016). Verdsetting av lokale miljøgoder ved bruk av hedoniske priser. Concept rapport .

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete