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Lena Magnusson Turner

Lena Magnusson Turner

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Lena Magnusson Turner is a professor in urban and social geography. Her research focuses on residential mobility and life course, segregation and housing choice, geography and social justice and on urban and housing models.
In 1994, she completed her Ph.D. thesis in social and economic geography, about residential vacancy chain. Later she has been involved in research on housing careers and economic progress for immigrants, housing preferences and demand sensitive rent setting, social cohesion and poverty, household mobility on tight housing markets, conversion of public housing and residualisation on the housing market. Lena Magnusson Turner has been the Swedish partner in the project “Study on housing and exclusion: welfare policies, housing provision and labour market” financed by the European Commission, and member in the Nordic project “Nordic welfare states and the dynamics and effects of ethnic segregation” financed by NORFACE. Lena Magnusson Turner has been a member of the ENHR Coordination Committee since 2008. Since 2010, she works at NOVA, Oslo and Oslo University. At present she leads the research project ”Social Inequality and housing over the life course: good chances or lucky outcomes?” financed by the Research Council of Norway.



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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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