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Anders Lund Haugen

Anders Lund Haugen

Scientific publications

Hordvik, Mats Melvold; Haugen, Anders L. Hage; Engebretsen, Berit; Møller, Lasse; Fletcher, Tim (2020). A collaborative approach to teaching about teaching using models-based practice: developing coherence in one PETE module. 15 p. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy .

Løndal, Knut; Haugen, Anders L. Hage; Lund, Siv; Riiser, Kirsti (2020). Physical activity of first graders in Norwegian after-school programs: A relevant contribution to the development of motor competencies and learning of movements? Investigated utilizing a mixed methods approach. 16 p. PLOS ONE . Vol. 15.

Riiser, Kirsti; Richardsen, Kåre Rønn; Haugen, Anders L. Hage; Lund, Siv; Løndal, Knut (2020). Active play in ASP –a matched-pair cluster-randomized trial investigating the effectiveness of an intervention in after-school programs for supporting children’s physical activity. BMC Public Health . Vol. 20.

Riiser, Kirsti; Haugen, Anders Lund; Lund, Siv; Løndal, Knut (2019). Physical Activity in Young Schoolchildren in After School Programs. Journal of School Health . Vol. 89.

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