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Ove Edvard Hatlevik

Ove Edvard Hatlevik

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General education   Education

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Learning   Psychometrics / Applied statistics   Motivation   Learning strategies   Teachers' Professional Qualification   Digital literacy

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Scientific publications

Johannesen, Monica ; Øgrim, Leikny; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard (2024). Teachersʼ Professional Digital Competence – The Neglected Management of Technology-rich Classrooms?. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy. Vol. 19.

Elnes, Magdalena ; Hansen, Joakim Evensen; Lervåg, Arne Ola; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard ; Reikerås, Elin Kirsti Lie (2024). Verbal and non-verbal skills in early childhood: dimensionality, developmental trajectories, and gender differences. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 15.

Hatlevik, Ove Edvard ; Bjarnø, Vibeke (2024). Examining the role of student teachers' perceived usefulness of ICT and resilience to digital distractions on their evaluation of online information. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL).

Haugen, Anders L. Hage ; Riiser, Kirsti ; Esser-Noethlichs, Marc ; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard (2023). Fostering pupils’ critical health literacy: examining the potential of physical education in lower secondary school. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living. Vol. 5.

Hatlevik, Ove Edvard ; Radtke, Ingrid; Utgård, Katrine (2023). Exploring educatorsʼ perceived possibilities and obstacles related to access and use of ICT: Revealing the digital divide in Norwegian Adult Education centres. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy.

Haugen, Anders L. Hage ; Esser-Noethlichs, Marc ; Riiser, Kirsti ; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard (2023). Understanding Critical Health Literacy Among Adolescents: Psychometric Properties of the CHLA Questionnaire in Lower Secondary Schools in Norway. Journal of School Health.

Smestad, Bjørn ; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard ; Johannesen, Monica ; Øgrim, Leikny (2023). Examining dimensions of teachers’ digital competence: A systematic review pre- and during COVID-19. Heliyon. Vol. 9.

Haugen, Anders L. Hage ; Riiser, Kirsti ; Esser-Noethlichs, Marc ; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard (2022). Developing Indicators to Measure Critical Health Literacy in the Context of Norwegian Lower Secondary Schools. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH). Vol. 19.

Ramlo, Siri Husa; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard ; Utvær, Britt Karin Støen (2022). Didaktisk bruk av MOOC som digital læringsressurs innenfor yrkesfaglærerutdanning. Utvær, Britt Karin Støen; Morud, Elin Bø; Hansen, Kari; Rokkones, Klara; Firing, Kristian (Ed.). Å bygge broer: samarbeid på tvers i yrkesfag . p. 72-89. Universitetsforlaget.

Rohatgi, Anubha; Hatlevik, Ove Edvard ; Bjørnsson, Julius Kristjan (2022). Supportive climates and science achievement in the Nordic countries: lessons learned from the 2015 PISA study. 27 p. Large-scale Assessments in Education. Vol. 10.

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