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Margareth Sandvik

Margareth Sandvik


Margareth Sandvik is a professor in Norwegian didactics and has a dr.philos. in rhetoric from the University of Oslo. Her research interests are language and language use in a range of contexts, both in kindergarten and in school. She is particularly interested in children and communication, initial education, digital learning environments, the importance of conversation for learning and argumentation. Sandvik has a longstanding interest in political communication and argumentation among children, spoken as well as written. Throughout many years Sandvik has been a co-developer of the multilingual applications Troll i ord ( She has also developed a series of plates to stimulate communication during meals (

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Humanities   Literature   Nordic literature

Subject areas

Rhetorics   Discourse analysis   Language development   Bilingualism   Digital tools   Mapping

Research projects

Scientific publications

Kame, Samuel Belayneh; Tsegaye, Mulugeta Tarekegne; Flognfeldt, Mona Evelyn ; Sandvik, Margareth (2024). Developing young learners’ reading competence in Ethiopia: A critical review of the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for developing supplementary reading materials. Bahir Dar Journal of Education. Vol. 24.

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