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Erik Ryen

Erik Ryen


Erik Ryen is a poltical scientist and Professor of Social Studies at Oslo Metropolitan University. His interests include curriculum theory, Bildung centred Didaktik and educational policy analysis. Ryen is especially interested in how the relation between knowledge, education and democracy in understood within policy development at the national and international level. His publications feature in journals including the European Educational Research Journal (EERJ) and the Journal of Curriculum Studies (JCS).

Research projects

  • Critical thinking in primary education

    KriT is an interdisciplinary project aiming at developing educational models for critical thinking in primary education using children’s literature and news.

Scientific publications

Ryen, Erik ; Jegstad, Kirsti Marie (2022). It is like a hammer and toothbrush; you need it for the rest of your life’ – Five Norwegian teachers’ experiences of working at a ‘thinking school. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (NJCIE). Vol. 6.

Ryen, Erik (2021). Valg av fagstoff og progresjon som didaktiske utfordringer i samfunnsfag. Erdal, Silje Førland; Granlund, Lise (Ed.). Samfunnsfagdidaktikk. p. 44-66. Universitetsforlaget.

Bjørkvold, Tuva ; Ryen, Erik (2021). Exploring the perceived learning of ‘students as researchers’ through two theoretical lenses. 17 p. Journal of Curriculum Studies. Vol. 53.

Ryen, Erik ; Jøsok, Evy (2021). Citizenship-as-knowledge: How perspectives from Bildung-centred Didaktik can contribute to European Citizenship Education beyond competence. European Educational Research Journal.

Ryen, Erik (2020). Klasseledelse og kritisk tenkning i samfunnsfag. Christensen, Hanne; Ulleberg, Inger (Ed.). Klasseledelse, fag og danning. 2.utgave. p. 242-259. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Jegstad, Kirsti Marie ; Ryen, Erik (2020). Bærekraftig utvikling som tverrfaglig tema i grunnskolens naturfag og samfunnsfag – en læreplananalyse. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift. Vol. 104.

Ryen, Erik (2019). Nyheter og kritisk tenkning i samfunnsfag. Ferrer, Marlen; Wetlesen, Annika (Ed.). Kritisk tenkning i samfunnsfag. p. 69-87. Universitetsforlaget.

Ryen, Erik (2019). Klafki's critical constructive Didaktik and the epistemology of critical thinking. Journal of Curriculum Studies. Vol. 52.

Ferrer, Marlen ; Jøsok, Evy ; Ryen, Erik ; Wetlesen, Annika ; Aas, Per Anders (2019). Hva er kritisk tenkning i samfunnsfag?. Ferrer, Marlen; Wetlesen, Annika (Ed.). Kritisk tenkning i samfunnsfag. p. 11-29. Universitetsforlaget.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete