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Text and Disciplinary Didactics

Participants in this research group are engaged in research on interpretation and didactic use of texts. Disciplinary reading and writing are the most typical fields of research. Text is broadly defined, and includes research on written and oral texts, as well as various forms of multimodal texts.

National cooperation

Generally, the group is oriented towards text interpretation within the humanities, though participants also apply theories and methodologies from the social sciences. In a number of projects, text analysis is combined with classroom observation and/or interviews with pupils, students and teachers.

The group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies.

Head of research group

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    • More about the research

      Typically, discourse theory, narratology, phenomenology, identity theory and psycho-analytic theory provide theoretical underpinning in the projects within the group. The most common methodological approach is qualitative, but some participants also work with various forms of quantitative research designs.

      The group aims at co-operating in smaller sub-groups on various projects.

    • Projects

      • "Exploring Nordic Education," headed by  Merethe Roos, RENEW, University of Oslo.
      • "REDO," funded by the Research Council of Norway. Headed by Jone Salomonsen, University of Oslo.
      • "Teacher well-being and diversity," Erasmus+ project.
      • "Youth and History," headed by Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij, OsloMet.
    • Partners

      • Merete Morken Andersen
      • Norunn Askeland
      • B. van den Berg
      • Kjell Lars Berge
      • Vibeke Bjarnø
      • Trine Sofie Dybvikstrand
      • H. Edgren
      • Nikolai Elf
      • B. Engebretsen
      • Per-Olof Erixon
      • Hilde Fjeld
      • Thorkild Hanghøj
      • R. Heilä-Ylikallio
      • Ruth Hemstad
      • Håvard Helland
      • P. Holmberg
      • Olav Hovdelien
      • B. F. Jørgensen
      • Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij
      • Ellen Krogh
      • S. Skarsbø Lindtner
      • R. E. Lund
      • C. Matthisen
      • Simon Michelet
      • Anna von Nordenstam
      • Sylvi  Penne
      • Nanna Paaske
      • Rolf Reber
      • Merethe Roos
      • Jone Salomonsen
      • P. Safarik
      • Aleksandro Salvador
      • Jon-Håkon Schultz
      • Anna Skyggebjerg
      • Dag Sørmo
      • L. E. Tainio
      • Kirsten Thorsen
      • Johan Tønnesson
      • Kristin Walseth
      • Annika Wetlesen
      • Geir Winje
      • Finn Aarsæther