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Kirsti Marie Jegstad

Kirsti Marie Jegstad


Kirsti Marie Jegstad is an associate professor at Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education at OsloMet. She teaches chemistry and science education and supervises student teachers at bachelor-, master’s- and PhD-levels. She is currently leading the research project KriT (Critical thinking in primary education) and is the co-leader of the research project TRELIS (Teachers’ Research Literacy for Science teaching). Her research interests include chemistry education, inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, education for sustainable development and research-based teacher education.

Jegstad has a PhD in education for sustainable development and a master’s degree in organic chemistry, both from Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She has also been working as a teacher in upper secondary schools for several years.

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Scientific publications

Jegstad, Kirsti Marie (2023). Inquiry-based chemistry education: a systematic review. Studies in science education.

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