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Flipped classroom in science education (FiNa)

Flipped classroom in science education (FiNa) aims at developing and investigating learning design based on digitally supported flipped classroom in order to facilitate student active learning.

About the project

Many students experience that science education does not mirror the variety of practices and knowledge that this field comprise. Future science teachers need therefore to acquire experience with and knowledge about learning approaches and activities that facilitate inquiry, discussions and amazement in order to engage students and invoke interest and joy of Nature. 

Flipped classroom is a teaching approach that use digital tools to introduce students to new concepts before the classroom teaching. This allows spending more of the face-to-face time with teacher educator and students engaging in various activities and discussions, rather than lectures. The goal is to spend more of the valuable classroom time on student active learning.

The project Flipped Classroom in science education (FiNa) targets science teacher education at OsloMet and involves both the five-year master’s degree program (MGLU) and in-service teacher courses (Kompetanse for kvalitet – KFK).

The project has three main goals:

  1. To develop a more student active and exemplary teaching in science teachers education.
  2. To give student teachers experience with flipped classroom and how to facilitate more  student active learning.
  3. Better integration of science content knowledge and didactical knowledge.

The project engages both teacher educators and students in development of flipped classroom learning sequences. Resources including videos, assignments and activities will be made available on public platforms and can be implemented both in teacher education and in schools. The project is subject to research on how students and in-service teachers develop competence in how to facilitate student active learning through digitally supported flipped classroom. 

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