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Jarmila Bubikova-Moan

Jarmila Bubikova-Moan


Jarmila Bubikova-Moan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education where she has teaching and supervising duties within the field of pedagogy. Her research interests include discourse-analytic approaches to early childhood education, multilingualism, argumentation and critical thinking.

She holds a PhD in Educational Sciences (University of Oslo), MA in Applied Linguistics (University of Melbourne, Australia) and an MPhil in European Literature (University of Cambridge, UK). Prior to joining OsloMet, she was an Associate Professor and a Head of Studies (BA in Pedagogy) at Kristiania University College and a Senior Researcher at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU). She also has a 10-year professional experience as an advisor within the field of education and integration policy in the Norwegian state administration.

Research projects

  • Critical thinking in primary education

    KriT is an interdisciplinary project aiming at developing educational models for critical thinking in primary education using children’s literature and news.

Scientific publications

Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila ; Sandvik, Margareth (2022). Argumentation in early childhood: A systematic review. Human Development. Vol. 66.

Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila ; Grøver, Vibeke (2021). Skolens samarbeid med foreldre til minoritetsspråklige barn i begynneropplæringen - refleksjoner over muligheter og utfordringer. Grøver, Vibeke; Bråten, Ivar (Ed.). Leseforståelse i skolen: Utfordringer og muligheter.. p. 46-58. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

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Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila (2020). Unpacking the narrative-argumentative conundrum: story credibility revisited. Proceedings of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation Conference. Vol. 12.

Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila ; Opheim, Vibeke (2020). ‘It’s a jigsaw puzzle and a challenge’: critical perspectives on the enactment of an RCT on small-group tuition in mathematics in Norwegian lower-elementary schools. 21 p. Journal of Education Policy.

Ferguson, Leila Eve; Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila (2019). Argumentation as a pathway to critical thinking. Garssen, Bart; Godden, David; Mitchell, Gordon R.; Wagemans, Jean H.M. (Ed.). Proceedings of the Ninth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation.. p. 352-362. International Society for the Study of Argumentation.

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