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Hanne Næss Hjetland

Hanne Næss Hjetland

Scientific publications

Hofslundsengen, Hilde Christine; Magnusson, Maria; Norling, Martina; Tjäru, Sofie; Hjetland, Hanne Næss ; Alatalo, Tarja (2023). ECEC Teachers’ Reported Practices and Attitudes Toward Read-Alouds in Nordic Multilingual Classrooms. Nordic Journal of Literacy Research. Vol. 9.

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Larsen, Linda; Hjetland, Hanne Næss ; Schauber, Stefan (2022). A longitudinal investigation of letter-name knowledge in a semi-transparent orthography. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.

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Bakken, Karine; Næss, Kari-Anne Bottegård; Lemons, Christopher J.; Hjetland, Hanne Næss (2021). A systematic review and meta-analysis of reading and writing interventions for students with disorders of intellectual development. Education Sciences. Vol. 11:638.

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Karlsen, Jannicke; Hjetland, Hanne Næss ; Hagtvet, Bente Eriksen; Braeken, Johan; Melby-Lervåg, Monica (2021). The concurrent and longitudinal relationship between narrative skills and other language skills in children. First language.

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Bubikova-Moan, Jarmila ; Hjetland, Hanne Næss ; Wollscheid, Sabine (2019). ECE teachers' views on play-based learning: a systematic review. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal. Vol. 27.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete