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Ingrid Smette

Ingrid Smette


Ingrid Smette is a researcher at NOVA, section for research on childhood, family and child welfare. Her research interests are parenthood and childhood in a culturally diverse welfare state. She has recently completed a postdoctoral project at the University of Oslo on parenting ideals and practices in the second generation. She is currently working on several projects on how the welfare state's institutions deal with families who, for religious/cultural reasons, impose restrictions on their children’s participation on different arenas. She holds a PhD in social anthropology (2015) from UiO and works mainly with qualitative methods.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social anthropology

Subject areas

Migration   Youth   Education   Familylife, parenting, child-care   Students with minority background   Youth, gender, violence   High School   Social control   Sexual violence   Authonomy   Majority-minority relations   Secondary school

Research groups

Research projects

Scientific publications

Smette, Ingrid; Eriksen, Ingunn Marie (2023). From Gendered Borderwork to Ethnic Boundaries: The Case of Two Norwegian Schools. Oeur, Freeden Blume; Pascoe, C. J. (Ed.). Gender replay: On kids, school and feminism. Chapter 6. New York University Press.

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