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Ingrid Smette

Ingrid Smette


Ingrid Smette is a researcher in the department of Youth Research at NOVA. She holds a PhD in social anthropology from the University of Oslo (2015). She is currently on leave from her full-time post at NOVA and engaged as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oslo. She has a part-time post at NOVA as editor in chief (with Anders Bakken) of the journal Nordisk tidsskrift for ungdomsforskning.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social anthropology

Subject areas

Migration   Youth   Education   Familylife, parenting, child-care   Students with minority background   Youth, gender, violence   High School   Social control   Sexual violence   Authonomy   Majority-minority relations   Secondary school

Research groups

Research projects

Scientific publications

Golden, Deborah; Lauren, Erdreich; Stefansen, Kari; Smette, Ingrid (2021). Editorial: Class, education and parenting: cross-cultural perspectives. British Journal of Sociology of Education . Vol. 42.

Grønli Rosten, Monika; Smette, Ingrid (2021). Pragmatic, pious and pissed off: young Muslims girls managing conflicting sexual norms and social control. Journal of Youth Studies .

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Smette, Ingrid (2019). Ethics and access when consent must come first: consequences of formalised ethics for ethnographic research in schools. Busher, Hugh; Fox, Alison Anne (Ed.). Implementing ethics in Educational ethnography. Regulation and practice.. 4. p. 51-63. Routledge.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete