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Digital Learning Arenas

This research group assumes a broad perspective on the use and understanding of digitalisation in education, which includes the use of digital tools in teaching and learning, strategies for digitalisation and digital challenges internationally.

Our research covers phenomena such as the use of digital tools in the classroom, leisure time and everyday life. The technology development is rapid, and it is difficult at all times to say what is relevant to research and which technologies will appear in the near future. It is therefore important to have a broad approach to the field and employ a variety of analytical tools for such research.

The group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies.

Head of research group

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  • More about the research

    Our main areas of research:

    • Classroom research: Related to digital competence (primarily in the 1-13 school)
    • Teacher qualification: Research related to digital competence in teacher education
    • Research and development work on digitisation in higher education in general (e-learning) 

    Our research topics:

    • Professional digital competence
    • Digital judgment
    • Collaborative learning
    • Online learning
    • Digital learning resources
    • Mobile technologies in learning
    • Augmented reality
    • Social Media
    • Programming in school
    • Games and learning
    • ICT for development

    Research in the field of digital learning arenas can be understood in several ways, either as an interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary field, such as the use of tools or as a complex interaction with technology. Regardless of what understanding one assumes, research in the field must relate to the technological artefacts that are brought into the field of practice, as well as to changed ways of working and communication.

    Methodically, we apply both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The practices are often exploratory or experimental.

  • Projects

    Ongoing projects: 

    • MASCOT: Mathematics, Science and Computational Thinking 
    • TRELIS: Forskningsbasert lærerutdanning I naturfag
    • TEQ21: Teacher Qualification for the 21st Century – teachers' professional competence
    • ProSkap: PROgrammering og SKAPerverksted i skolen
    • DigiGen - Hvordan påvirker digitaliseringen barn og unges liv


    Completed projects:

    • Minecraft in Teacher Education: Developing 21st Century Skills in Social Studies
    • DICTE: Developing ICT in Teacher Education
    • QUANTICT: Quality and Access in Nepalese Teacher education with the use of ICT
    • Master in Vocational Pedagogy​