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Teacher Education for a Future in Flux - TEFF Academy

An international research project addressing the need for joint training and further education that help teachers cope with recent challenges in schools.

Funded by the European Unions’ Erasmus 2027 program European + Teacher Academies, this project brings together seventeen partners from nine EU countries.

The project focuses on transdisciplinary cooperation across all phases of teacher professionalization in Europe.

Contemporary challenges

The teaching profession in Europe is faced with new complex challenges.

Because of rapid economic, social, and technological changes, teachers can no longer expect that what they teach will last a student’s lifetime.

If teacher training remains static or rigid, teachers cannot develop the necessary capacities to anticipate and respond to a fluctuating future.

  • The TEFF Academy

    This international project fills a gap left by current challenges and mobilizes the highly valuable teachers and teacher educators in shaping long-term policy-making.

    Present and future challenges are viewed with a European focus, in order to better equip teachers with the skills and tools required to doing education in Europe.

    This focus is strengthened by the international partnerships established between education and training providers, universities and schools.

    More information is available on the project website (

  • Framework

    The TEFF model-framework will:

    • Empower teachers with future literacy for an increasingly unpredictable and challenging world, by drawing on research-oriented training from different disciplines.
    • Provide teachers across Europe with innovative formats for professional development.
    • Optimize existing learning opportunities for students and teachers in the workforce.
    • Enable network collaboration among the different public actors involved in teacher training.
    • Increase the attractiveness and relevance of the teaching profession.
    • Contribute to the goals of the European Education Area.
  • About the network

    The Academy is a trans-institutional and trans-national collaborative network composed of schools, universities, and educational institutions.

    In bringing together these institutions, the Academy is developing a European and international perspective in teacher education.

    Its aim is to create an innovative network for teacher education and to develop communities of practice that respond to contemporary challenges.

  • Objectives

    • Facilitate sustainable, collaborative partnerships between schools, universities, and other providers to create a network of practice for teacher education.
    • Research, develop and implement interdisciplinary learning opportunities for teachers throughout their careers.
    • Expand the exchange of knowledge in teacher education in Europe.
  • Members

    Oslo Metropolitan University

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    The TEFF board:

    • Jan Springob (University of Cologne)
    • Beatrix Busse (University of Cologne)
    • Dagmar M. Benincasa (University of Cologne)
    • Giovanna de Gobbo (University of Florence)
    • Antti Laherto (University of Helsinki)
    • Kerstin Hansson (Linnaeus University)
    • Oliver Holz (KU Leuven)
    • Ana Vanesa Valero Garcia (University of Murcia)
    • Annette Schmehl-Postaï (University of Nantes)
    • Wilfried Admiraal (Oslo Metropolitan University)
    • Henny Oude Maatman (Saxion University of Applied Sciences)
    • Martine van Rijswijk (Utrecht University)
  • TEFF partner institutions

    • Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
    • KU Leuven, Belgium
    • Linnaeus University, Sweden
    • Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
    • University of Cologne, Germany
    • University of Florence, Italy
    • University of Helsinki, Finland
    • University of Murcia, Spain
    • University of Nantes, France
    • Utrecht University, The Netherlands


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