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Beyond access: improving quality of early years reading instructions in Ethiopia

The objective of the project is to improve the quality of education for primary grades in Ethiopian schools. This is done through heightening the capacity and competence of teachers and Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) and higher education institutions in Ethiopia in the area of early years reading instructions.

The project is involved with capacity building within early years reading at various levels of the Educational system as well as in other areas of society. The project also includes a focus on Children`s Rights and gender equality.

The project has developed a MA and PhD programme within early years reading. The project is currently educating 8 PhD students as well as 15 MA students. Staff from the Faculty of Education and International studies (LUI) are both involved in teaching and supervising these students, alongside academic staff from two Ethiopian universities.
The project is also facilitating the production of quality reading materials in eight different mother tongue languages in Ethiopia, to be used in primary schools. Furthermore, the project is building two reading parks and creating literacy awareness among stakeholders in Ethiopia through workshops, seminars and the use of media.

Moreover, the project is planning to publish two scientific books, involving the Ethiopian Phd and MA students, as well as their supervisors from universities in Ethiopia and OsloMet.

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