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Elena Tkachenko

Elena Tkachenko


Elena Tkachenko is a linguist with MA in applied linguistics from St. Petersburg State University. Her main research areas are Norwegian as a second language, language acquisition and multilingualism. She is involved in research on multilingual children, students and practitioners and has experience in participatory research in education.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Applied linguistics

Subject areas

Norwegian as second language   Multilingualism   Child language acquisition   Language environment


Norway   Russia

Research projects

Scientific publications

Tkachenko, Elena (2024). Transspråklige praksiser i nordiske barnehager: en kunnskapsoversikt. Nordisk barnehageforskning.

Romøren, Anna Sara H. ; Garmann, Nina Gram ; Tkachenko, Elena (2023). Present but silent? The use of languages other than Norwegian in mainstream ECEC. Nordisk barnehageforskning.

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Tkachenko, Elena ; Romøren, Anna Sara Hexeberg ; Garmann, Nina Gram (2021). Translanguaging Strategies in Superdiverse Mainstream Norwegian ECEC: Opportunities for Home Language Support. 13 p. Journal of Home Language Research. Vol. 4.

Garmann, Nina Gram ; Romøren, Anna Sara Hexeberg ; Tkachenko, Elena (2021). Å involvere barnehagelærere i forskning - muligheter for flerspråklighetsforskningen. NOA - Norsk som andrespråk. Vol. 37.

Tkachenko, Elena (2021). Å bygge yrkesidentitet gjennom å jobbe med arbeidsrelevante tekster. Monsen, Marte; Pájaro, Verónica (Ed.). Andrespråkslæring hos voksne : Vitenskapelige innsikter og didaktiske refleksjoner. p. 216-236. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Giæver, Katrine ; Tkachenko, Elena (2020). Mot en ny satsing på flerspråklighet – en analyse av språkpolitiske føringer i barnehagens styringsdokumenter. 18 p. Nordic Studies in Education. Vol. 40.

Johansen, Jorunn Store; Tkachenko, Elena (2019). Exploring the dynamics of cultures of learning in internationalised higher education. Teaching in Higher Education. Vol. 24.

Tkachenko, Elena ; Arends, Ruth Elisabeth Fuentes (2018). To be or not to be bilingual - for children with special needs?. Haugen, Torgeir; Skjerdingstad, Kjell Ivar (Ed.). Children and Young People, Aesthetics and Special Needs. An Interdisciplinary Approach. p. 411-445. Vidarforlaget AS.

Alstad, Gunhild Tomter; Tkachenko, Elena (2018). Teachers' beliefs and practices in creating multilingual spaces: the case of English teaching in Norwegian early childhood education. Schwartz, Mila (Ed.). Preschool Bilingual Education: Agency in Interactions Between Children, Teachers, and Parents. p. 245-282. Springer Nature.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete