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Ingrid M. Rodrick Beiler

Ingrid M. Rodrick Beiler


Ingrid Rodrick Beiler is an associate professor of English. Her fields of research include multilingualism, literacy, internationalization, and the status of English in the secondary grades, adult education, and higher education, which she approaches from a critical sociolinguistic and ethnographic perspective. In her PhD dissertation, she explored the impact of societal language hierarchies on classroom translanguaging, providing new insights into the complex interactions of students’ language socialization trajectories with their current societal and educational contexts. Through her work, she has also contributed to renewed consideration of translation in student writing and highlighted the dual role of English as a facilitator and gatekeeper of educational opportunities in Norway. Her current projects include collaborative research on multilingual approaches and digital language teaching in adult basic education. She is a member of the research groups Cultural Diversity and Multilingualism in a Global Perspective (OsloMet) and Critical Perspectives on Teacher Education (and Education) - CritTEd (HiØ).

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Applied linguistics   English language

Subject areas

Teaching of english as second language   Multilingualism   English language   Teaching English as a Foreign Language   English lingua franca ELF

Scientific publications

Beiler, Ingrid Rodrick ; Dewilde, Joke (2024). "When we use that kind of language⋯ someone is going to jail": relationality and aesthetic interpretation in initial research encounters. Applied Linguistics Review.

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