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Gro Marie Stavem

Gro Marie Stavem

Publications and research


Stavem, Gro Marie; Skaar, Håvard (2021). Enough time to read? Reading habits and reading motivation among Norwegian sixth graders. Nordiska konferensen för modersmålsdidaktisk forskning NNMF8 2021. Institutionen för pedagogik, didaktik och utbildningsstudier.

Ommundsen, Åse Marie; Stavem, Gro Marie (2021). When rabbits get scared: Exploring a Cognitively Challenging Picturebook on War to Support Reading Comprehension. The Child and The Book. University of Berlin.

Gedde-Dahl, Trine; Øgreid, Anne Kristine; Stavem, Gro Marie (2018). A comparative study of explorative and persuading students’ texts about waste sorting. Critical literacy among Norwegian 4-graders. SIG Writing International - 16th international conference of the EARLI special interest group on writing. University of Antwerp.

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