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Hege Hermansen

Hege Hermansen


My research interests include knowledge work in the professions, juridification of higher education, organisation of teaching in higher education, program design and development in professional education and the interrelationships between professional knowledge, autonomy and responsibility.

I lead a NORHED project on technology-enhanced learning in the Palestinian higher education sector (funded by Norad, 2021-2026), and I am a project member of the NFR project Renewed Perspective on Research Use (led by Sølvi Mausethagen, SPS) and Evaluation of new competence model (led by Selma Lyng, AFI, funded by the Norwegian Directorate of Education). I am also responsible for the research and evaluation project connected to the The good student experience at OsloMet.

I am a member of the research groups Professional Knowledge and Qualification at CSP, TEPEE (Studies of the teaching profession, teacher education and education policy) at CSP/USN and HEDWORK (Knowledge, Learning and Governance - Studies in higher education and work) at the University of Oslo.

At the Centre for the Study of the Professions, I teach a course in teaching and learning in higher education.

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Research projects

Scientific publications

Hagen, Anne K.; Damen, Maria Louiza Christina; Hermansen, Hege (2023). Unpacking the Theory-Practice Nexus in Basic Police Education. Nordic Journal of Studies in Policing (NJSP). Vol. 10.

Hermansen, Hege ; Mausethagen, Sølvi (2023). Beyond the research–practice gap: Constructing epistemic relations in teacher education. International Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 119.

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Stensaker, Bjørn; Hermansen, Hege (2023). Global, Nordic, or institutional visions? An investigation into how Nordic universities are adapting to the SDGs. Higher Education.

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Hermansen, Hege ; Kartzow, Marianne Bjelland; Lycke, Kirsten Marie Rode Hofgaard; Rasmussen, Alf (2023). Peer Group Mentoring: Exploring the Interplay with Institutional Practices. de Lange, Thomas; Wittek, Anne Line (Ed.). Faculty Peer Group Mentoring in Higher Education: Developing Collegiality through Organised Supportive Collaboration. p. 39-54. Springer.

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Hermansen, Hege ; Mausethagen, Sølvi (2023). Konstruksjoner av «partnerskap» i universiteter og høgskolers samarbeid med skolesektoren. UNIPED.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete