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Hanna Holmeide

Hanna Holmeide


Sociologist with a BA with honours from the University of Warwick and a master's degree from the University of Oslo. Main academic interests include sociology of education, political sociology, social inequality, class and mobility and quantitative methods. The PhD.-project examines compulsory school teachers' views and use of research in a changing educational policy context. The project is also part of RE-POSE: a large inter-disciplinary and international research project financed by The Research Council of Norway. My master's thesis looked at differences in attrition rates between demographic groups within the Norwegian teaching population between 2003-2013.

Additionally, I am also working on a research project that looks at how teacher education in Norway organise and work with bachelor- and master thesis, and Marte Lorentzen is the project leader. Thea B. Strømme and I are also organising and hosting Forum for Quantitative Methods.

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Mausethagen, Sølvi; Hermansen, Hege; Holmeide, Hanna; Lorentzen, Marte; Niederberger, Vera; Skedsmo, Guri (2023). Research use in the teaching profession across contexts: A systematic scoping review. NERA. NERA and OsloMet.

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