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Louise Mifsud

Louise Mifsud


My research  interests are in the areas of digital literacy in schools and teacher education, more specifically cyberethics and computational thinking. I frequently work with design-based methods and research-practice partnerships focussing on the relationship between digital technologies and education.

Within the department, my teaching has focused on  the integration of digital competence in initial teacher courses in different subjects and at different levels.

Research projects

Scientific publications

Andersen, Renate ; Frågåt, Thomas ; Bogar, Yurdagül; Juellund, Jesper; Mifsud, Louise (2023). Representations of Computational Thinking in Policy Documents in an Educational Context: The Cases of Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Proceedings (International Conference of the Learning Sciences).

Eie, Siv ; Andersen, Renate ; Mifsud, Louise ; Mørch, Anders Irving; Rustad, Mikkel Bertram (2023). Kritisk tenkning og Minecraft i lærerutdanningen: en studie av samfunnsfagundervisning om det industrielle gjennombruddet i Norge.

Nordby, Siri Krogh ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Mifsud, Louise (2022). Computational Thinking in the Primary Mathematics Classroom: a Systematic Review. 23 p. Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education.

Nordby, Siri Krogh ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Mifsud, Louise (2022). Primary Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of Computational Thinking. Künstliche Intelligenz.

Arinaitwe, Dinavence; Mifsud, Louise ; Habib, Kato; Sannerud, Arne Ronny (2022). Learning through collaboration between vocational teacher training institutions and workplaces: Barriers and contradictions. Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training. Vol. 12.

Andersen, Renate ; Eie, Siv ; Mørch, Anders Irving ; Mifsud, Louise ; Rustad, Mikkel Bertram (2021). Rebuilding the Industrial Revolution: Using Minecraft in Teacher Education in Social Studies. de Vries, Erica; Hod, Yotam; Ahn, June (Ed.). Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the Learning Sciences - ICLS 2021. p. 27-35. International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS).

Engen, Bård Ketil ; Giæver, Tonje Hilde ; Mifsud, Louise (2021). Digital dømmekraft. ISBN: 9788205554467. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Milton, Josephine; Giæver, Tonje Hilde ; Mifsud, Louise ; Gassó, Héctor Hernández (2021). Awareness and knowledge of cyberethics: A study of pre-service teachers in Malta, Norway, and Spain. 19 p. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (NJCIE). Vol. 5.

Mørch, Anders Irving ; Eielsen, Carl Sebastian; Mifsud, Louise (2021). Using Minecraft to Reconstruct and Roleplay Local History: Intersubjectivity, Temporality, and Tension. Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; De Wever, Bram; Oshima, Jun (Ed.). Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning - CSCL 2021. p. 27-34. International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc..

McGarr, Oliver.; Mifsud, Louise ; Rubio, Juan Carlos Colomer (2021). Digital competence in teacher education: comparing national policies in Norway, Ireland and Spain. Learning, Media & Technology.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete