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Aino Ukkonen

Aino Ukkonen

Research projects

Scientific publications

Flugel, Stefan Markus; Halse, Askill Harkjerr; Hartveit, Knut Johannes; Ukkonen, Aino (2022). Value of travel time by road type. 12 p. European Transport Research Review. Vol. 14.

Ukkonen, Aino; Sahimaa, Olli (2021). Weight-based pay-as-you-throw pricing model: Encouraging sorting in households through waste fees. 8 p. Waste Management. Vol. 135.

Thune-Larsen, Harald; Ukkonen, Aino; Hammes, Johanna Jussila; Jensen, Thomas Christian (2021). Transport infrastructure investment – climate and environmental effects in cost benefit analysis in the Nordic countries. ISBN: 9789289370189. 147 p. Nordisk ministerråd.

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