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Håkon Swensen

Håkon Swensen


He works at the institute's section for digital competence, with a focus on primary and secondary school teacher education. As a teacher and instructor, he contributes to developing digita competence among both student teachers and teachers who are pursuing further education. His areas of expertise include programming in schools, flipped classroom, and the use of augmented reality in science education. He has a strong commitment to promoting best practices in the pedagogical use of digital tools in education.

Research projects

Scientific publications

NIELSEN, BIRGITTE LUND; Brandt, Harald; Swensen, Håkon (2018). Students developing representational competence as producers with and of augmented reality in science. Nordic Studies in Science Education. Vol. 14.

NIELSEN, BIRGITTE LUND; Brandt, Harald; Radner, Ole; Surland, Mogens; Swensen, Håkon (2017). Augmented Reality og stilladsering af elevernes undersøgende samtale og modelleringskompetence. MONA Matematikk og naturfagdidaktik.

Swensen, Håkon (2016). Potential of augmented reality in sciences education. A literature review. Gómez Chova, L.; López Martínez, A.; Candel Torres, I. (Ed.). ICERI2016 Proceedings. 9th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. p. 2540-2547. Associated University Presses.

NIELSEN, BIRGITTE LUND; Brandt, Harald; Swensen, Håkon (2016). Augmented Reality in science education – affordances for student learning. Nordic Studies in Science Education. Vol. 12.

Log, Irene Beyer; Swensen, Håkon (2015). FLIPPED CLASSROOM AS A STEPPING STONE FOR INTEGRATING TPACK MINDSET IN TEACHER EDUCATION. Chova, L. Gómez; Martínez, A. López; Torres, I. Candel (Ed.). INTED2015 Proceedings. International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED).

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