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Annette Hessen Bjerke

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Scientific publications

Herset, Maria Klaussen; Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; El Ghami, Mohamed (2024). The Effect of Level-Marked Tasks on Students’ Mathematics Self-Efficacy and Persistence—Investigating a Tiered Activity. International Educational Research (IER). Vol. 7.

U. S. R. Mohottige, Nisanka ; Andersen, Renate ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen (2024). Computational thinking in Norwegian teacher education: An analysis of mathematics and science course descriptions. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy. Vol. 19.

Nolan, Kathleen T.; Bjerke, Annette Hessen (2024). Moving beyond reflection and toward disruption in the post-field context of mathematics teacher education. ZDM: Mathematics Education.

U. S. Rajapakse Mohottige, Nisanka ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Andersen, Renate (2024). Teacher education as stakeholder: teacher educator perspectives on the integration of computational thinking into mathematics and science courses. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice.

Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Nolan, Kathleen Theresa (2023). The return to university after fieldwork: toward disrupting practice-theory challenges identified by mathematics teacher educators. Frontiers in Education. Vol. 8.

Solomon, Yvette ; Eriksen, Elisabeta Iuliana ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen (2023). Teacher Learning towards Equitable Mathematics Classrooms: Reframing Problems of Practice. Education Sciences. Vol. 13.

Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Xenofontos, Constantinos (2023). Teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching mathematics: tracing possible changes from teacher education to professional practice. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice. Vol. 31.

Herset, Maria Klaussen; El Ghami, Mohamed; Bjerke, Annette Hessen (2023). The effect of level-marked mathematics tasks on students’ self-efficacy: An experimental study. 10 p. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 14.

Nordby, Siri Krogh ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Mifsud, Louise (2022). Computational Thinking in the Primary Mathematics Classroom: a Systematic Review. 23 p. Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education.

Nordby, Siri Krogh ; Bjerke, Annette Hessen ; Mifsud, Louise (2022). Primary Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding of Computational Thinking. Künstliche Intelligenz.

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