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Cecilie Pedersen Dalland

Cecilie Pedersen Dalland


Academic interests: Classroom research, Gender and gender research, Work plans, Self-regulation, High and low achievers, academic writing, Creativity

Cecilie Pedersen Dalland is Assistant Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Education and International Studies, Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education. Her research interests are in the areas of classroom research, individualised teaching, self-regulated learning and gender issues. She has ten years of teaching experience in primary schools in Oslo. Dalland has extensive experience in researching pedagogic practice at both school and classroom level. She is responsible for teaching and lecturing pedagogy for both bachelor and master students and is responsible for the Ph.D.-course Classroom Research at OsloMet. She is the head of the research group, Classroom research and member of the research group, Studies of the Teaching Profession, Teacher Education and Education Policy (TEPEE). Dalland is a part of three research projects: IMAT, Implementation of strategies for adapted education, Welfare Access Through Technology (WATT) and a research project which focuses on the youngest students in school, Evaluation of the six-year reform.

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Academic writing   Classroom research   Self regulated learning   Gender and Gender studies   Creativity   Work plans   Gils and boys   High and low achievers   Startegies used when working with work plans   Bachelor students   orrally skills   Re-use of qualitative data   Copperation between school and home



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Scientific publications

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