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Marc Esser-Noethlichs

Marc Esser-Noethlichs



I have a relatively broad academic background since I have a degree in physics and pedagogy from the University of Cologne in Germany, and sports science from the German Sports University in Cologne. During my PhD studies at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, I delved into the topic of diversity and intercultural pedagogy. I focused on the concept of otherness/strangeness as a socially constructed phenomenon that, on the one hand, is a part of learning and development but, on the other hand, can become a starting point for problems and conflicts between individuals and different groups. Xenophobia or hate against strangers are examples of this.

Research and teaching

Methodologically, I have the most experience with developing measurement instruments and intervention research. I have extensive teaching experience in various bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs where I teach both practical and theoretical topics including qualitative and quantitative research methods. In my research, I am most interested in the field of didactics in light of educational theory (the concept of 'Bildung') and professional development.

Currently, I am focusing on teacher education in physical education and sports with the aim of investigating how we can promote our students' personal and professional development during their studies. Through systematic reflection on students' personal teaching experiences, we try to stimulate their professional development from within so that they become more confident in their teaching role and at the same time open to new experiences.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Subject didactics   Physics   Physical education and sport psychology

Subject areas

Track and field   Professional Development in Teacher Education   Bildung in Teacher Education   Research Methodolgy   Judo in Physical Education   Swimming


Germany   Norway

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete