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Tonje Fjogstad Langnes

Tonje Fjogstad Langnes

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Social science in sports

Subject areas

Gender   Youth culture   Sport sociology   Identity   Gender studies   Youth Research   Minority youth

Research projects

  • Literacies for Health and Life Skills

    The “Literacies for Health and Life Skills” (HLS) project aims to develop and implement a new didactic approach that will enable pre-service teachers to facilitate the development of young people´s health and life skills.

Scientific publications

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad ; Kilanowska, Jolanta ; Walseth, Kristin ; Oliver, Kimberly (2024). Opening our eyes to student-centered practice. Learning from preservice teachers' experiences. Shilcutt, Jackie; Oliver, Kimberly; Luguetti, Carla (Ed.). An Activist Approach to Physical Education and Physical Activity. Imagining What Might Be. Routledge.

Eriksen, Ingunn Marie ; Stefansen, Kari ; Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad ; Walseth, Kristin (2023). The formation of classed health lifestyles during youth: A two-generational, longitudinal approach. Sociology of Health and Illness.

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad ; Bratten, Judith Helene (2023). Developing embodied competence while becoming a PE teacher: PETE students’ embodied experiences and reflections after micro-teaching. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy.

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad (2021). Transforming Gender Identity Through Breaking. Dupont, Tyler; Beal, Becky (Ed.). Lifestyle Sports and Identities. Subcultural Careers Through the Life Course. Routledge.

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad ; Walseth, Kristin (2021). This is what I learned about the body on social media: PETE students’ experiences with body pressure and body positivity. Sport, Education and Society.

Rustad, Hilde; Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad (2019). Flashmob i lærerutdanninger – studenters erfaringer med å skape dans sammen. Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education. Vol. 3.

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad (2018). Masculinity constructions among Norwegian male break(danc)ers. European Journal for Sport and Society (EJSS). Vol. 15.

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad ; Fasting, Kari (2017). Gender constructions in breaking. 16 p. Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics. Vol. 20.

Fjogstad Langnes, Tonje ; Fasting, Kari (2014). The Construction of Meanings in Breaking. Insights from Breakers in Oslo. Nordic Journal of Dance: practice, education and research. Vol. 5.

Fjogstad Langnes, Tonje ; Fasting, Kari (2014). Identity constructions among breakdancers. 16 p. International Review for the Sociology of Sport.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete