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Kristin Walseth

Kristin Walseth

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Integration sciences   Women's and gender studies   Social science in sports   Sociology

Subject areas

Gender   Integration   Islam   Sport sociology   Multicultural Identity



Research projects

  • Literacies for Health and Life Skills

    The “Literacies for Health and Life Skills” (HLS) project aims to develop and implement a new didactic approach that will enable pre-service teachers to facilitate the development of young people´s health and life skills.

Scientific publications

Langnes, Tonje Fjogstad; Walseth, Kristin (2021). This is what I learned about the body on social media: PETE students’ experiences with body pressure and body positivity. Sport, Education and Society .

Eriksen, Ingunn Marie; Walseth, Kristin (2021). Med kropp som prosjekt. Ødegård, Guro; Pedersen, Willy (Ed.). UNGDOMMEN. 7. p. 153-172. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Engebretsen, Berit; Walseth, Kristin; Elvebakk, Lisbeth (2020). Jenter og kroppsøving. Hvordan kan en aktivistisk tilnærming bedre jenters erfaring med kroppsøvingsfaget?. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift . Vol. 104.

Aartun, Iselin; Walseth, Kristin; Standal, Øyvind Førland; Kirk, David (2020). Pedagogies of embodiment in physical education - a literature review. Sport, Education and Society .

Walseth, Kristin (2019). Kroppsøving og kulturelt mangfold. Vinje, Erlend Ellefsen; Skrede, Joar (Ed.). Fremtidens kroppsøvingslærer. kapittel. p. 30-50. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Aasland, Erik; Walseth, Kristin; Engelsrud, Gunn Helene (2019). The constitution of the ‘able’ and ‘less able’ student in physical education in Norway. Sport, Education and Society . Vol. 25.

Walseth, Kristin; Tidslevold, Thea (2019). Young women’s constructions of valued bodies: Healthy, athletic, beautiful and dieting bodies. International Review for the Sociology of Sport .

Elvebakk, Lisbeth; Engebretsen, Berit; Walseth, Kristin (2018). Kroppen på Instagram -Ungdoms refleksjoner rundt kroppsideal og kroppspress. Sundsdal, Einar; Øksnes, Maria; Haugen, Cecilie (Ed.). Ungdom, danning og fellesskap. Samfunns- og kulturpedagogiske perspektiv. 5. p. 81-106. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Walseth, Kristin; Engebretsen, Berit; Elvebakk, Lisbeth (2018). Meaningful experiences in PE for all students: an activist research approach. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy . Vol. 23.

Aasland, Erik; Walseth, Kristin; Engelsrud, Gunn (2017). The changing value of vigorous activity and the paradox of utilising exercise as punishment in physical education. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy . Vol. 22.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete