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Øyvind Førland Standal

Øyvind Førland Standal

Research projects

  • Literacies for Health and Life Skills

    The “Literacies for Health and Life Skills” (HLS) project aims to develop and implement a new didactic approach that will enable pre-service teachers to facilitate the development of young people´s health and life skills.

Scientific publications

Aartun, Iselin; Walseth, Kristin; Standal, Øyvind Førland; Kirk, David (2020). Pedagogies of embodiment in physical education - a literature review. Sport, Education and Society .

Patricia, Longmuir; Downs, Peter; Standal, Øyvind Førland; Goodwin, Donna (2020). Promoting physical activity in children with impairments. The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health . Vol. 4.

Standal, Øyvind Førland (2020). Embodiment. Philosophical considerations of the body in adaptive physical education. Haegele,, Justin; Hodge, S.R.; Shapiro, D.R. (Ed.). Routledge Handbook of Adapted Physical Education. 14. p. 227-238. Routledge.

Bjørke, Lars; Standal, Øyvind Førland; Moen, Kjersti Mordal (2020). ‘While we may lead a horse to water we cannot make him drink’: three physical education teachers’ professional growth through and beyond a prolonged participatory action research project. Sport, Education and Society .

Standal, Øyvind Førland; Moen, Kjersti Mordal; Westlie, Knut (2020). «Ei mil vid og ein tomme djup»? – ei undersøking av innhald og undervisning i kroppsøving på ungdomstrinnet i Noreg. Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education . Vol. 4.

Nabaskues-Lasheras, Itsaso; Usabiaga, Oidui; Lozano-Sufrategui, Lorena; Drew, Kevin J; Standal, Øyvind Førland (2019). Sociocultural processes of ability in Physical Education and Physical Education Teacher Education: A systematic review. European Physical Education Review .

Digranes, Anja Jøndal; Standal, Øyvind Førland (2019). "Det er gøy å løpe med venner" : elever med utviklingshemminger og deres erfaringer i kroppsøving. Spesialpedagogikk . Vol. 84.

Mong, Hanne Herigstad; Standal, Øyvind Førland (2019). Didactics of health in physical education – a review of literature. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy . Vol. 24.

Lasheras, Itsaso N.; Arruabarrena,, Oidui U; Martos-García,, Daniel; Standal, Øyvind Førland (2019). Comprensión de la habilidad desde la perspectiva del futuro profesorado de Educación Física [Understanding of ability from future Physical Education teachers’ perspective]. Retos . Vol. 36.

Standal, Øyvind Førland; Nyquist, Tor Erik; Mong, Hanne Herigstad (2018). Adapted Physical Activity Professionals in Rehabilitation: An Explorative Study in the Norwegian Context. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly . Vol. 35.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete