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Bjørn Smestad

Bjørn Smestad


For some years, I have been teaching a course in methods and theories of science for our master students. In addition, I have been teaching in master programmes in mathematics education and in early years teaching. In addition, I have been supervising master students.
Within research and development, I have worked a lot on history of mathematics and the inclusion of this in teaching mathematics. From 2016-19, I have also been evaluating the mathematics exam in Norwegian compulsory school together with FAFO and Aina Fossum. From 2019-2022, I take part in a Research Council-supported project on teachers’ transdisciplinary competence, led by Monica Johannesen. Other interests are the history of mathematics teaching (at the moment, in particular New Math and exams through the ages). I am co-author of the book Tall og tanke 2 and a related activity book.
I am part of the editorial board of Tangenten and have a position as Professor II at Volda University College.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

General education   Other history   Subject didactics

Subject areas

Textbook research   Teacher education   Mathematics education   Prejudice   Homosexuality   History of Mathematics   LGBTQ   Primary and Secondary Teacher Education   Mathematical competencies   Teachers' Professional Qualification

Research projects

Scientific publications

Fossum, Aina; Smestad, Bjørn (2022). Changes in grades on the Norwegian lower secondary school mathematics exam. Nortvedt, Guri A.; Buchholtz, Nils; Fauskanger, Janne; Hähkiöniemi, Markus; Jessen, Britta Eyrich; Nilsen, Hans Kristian; Naalsund, Margrethe; Pálsdóttir, Guðbjörg; Portaankorva-Koivisto, Päivi; Radišić, Jelena; Sigurjónsson, Jóhann Örn; Viirman, Olov Lui; Wernberg, Anna (Ed.). Bringing Nordic mathematics education into the future. Proceedings of Norma 20, The ninth Nordic Conference on Mathematics Education. kap. p. 49-56. Svensk förening för MatematikDidaktisk Forskning - SMDF.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete