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Clara Julia Reich

Clara Julia Reich


Clara Julia Reich holds a master's degree in Development, Environment and Cultural Change from the University of Oslo and a bachelor's degree in Cultural and Sustainability Studies from Leuphana University Lüneburg. She has worked with qualitative methods in various research projects related to sustainable transformations ranging from transport to citizen participation, minority youth, and urban spaces.

Research projects

Publications and research


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Reich, Clara Julia (2022). The concept of Belonging and marginalized childhoods. “Marginalized Childhood – “Stolen Childhoods”. Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main.

Reich, Clara Julia (2022). The concept of belonging and the BELONG project. A Sense of Home European Symposium on Food, Migration and Belonging. University Utrecht, HERA.

Weger, Kimberley; Reich, Clara Julia (2021). ‘Creating a space for understanding the past and shaping the future at Linderud Community Garden in Oslo, Norway’. The Urban Transcripts Journal.

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Reich, Clara Julia (2020). A Thousand Trees, a Hundred Texts and a Century to Pass. Exploring the future Library from a Sustainable Development Perspective. Tvergastein . Vol. 14.

von der Ohe, Ulrike; Reich, Clara Julia (2015). Position Paper at the Mechanism for Indigenous Rights (UNHCR)’, United Nation Human Rights Council, agenda point: ‘Seguimiento de la cumbre sobre la agenda para el desarrollo después de 2015’. Accessible online: 20ohe%22. United Nation Human Rights Council.

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