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Dag Slettemeås holds a Master of Arts from Johns Hopkins University (Bologna, Italy - Washington D.C., USA) in International Economics and International Affairs with a specialization in Energy, Environment, Science & amp; Technology. He has a M.Sc. in social sciences from the University of Oslo (sociology, political science, economics). Slettemeås has previously worked at the World Bank as a consultant in the Energy and Telecom department. At SIFO, Slettemeås works with research in a consumption / society perspective related to:
* technology innovation and new digital media
* smartphone, apps and mobile payment
* sharing economy and green tech
* RFID / NFC, Internet of Things and Big Data
* digital participation / competence
* e-marketing and e-commerce
* technology / media use among immigrants.
Slettemeås is currently pursuing a PhD at the Department of Media and Communication (IMK), University of Oslo.

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Scientific publications

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