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Henry Mainsah

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Dralega, Carol Azungi; Katuwal, Yam; Mainsah, Henry (2022). COVID-19 Lockdown, Information Access and Use Among African Diaspora in Norway. Dralega, Carol Azungi; Napakol, Angella (Ed.). COVID-19 and the Media in Sub-Saharan Africa: Media Viability, Framing and Health Communication. 13. p. 197-213. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Mainsah, Henry (2022). Exploring creative pedagogies for research methods: Reflections from a workshop series. Methodological Innovations .

Hebrok, Marie; Mainsah, Henry (2022). Skinny as a Bird: Design fiction as a vehicle for reflecting on food futures. 12 p. Futures: The journal of policy, planning and futures studies . Vol. 141.

raymond, corbin; Morrison, Andrew; Mainsah, Henry (2022). Framing scenario thinking in a mode of futures by design inquiry. Lockton, Dan; Lloyd, Peter; Lenzi, Sara (Ed.). DRS2022: Bilbao, 25 June - 3 July. 253. Design Research Society.

Prøitz, Lin; Langeland, Fredrik; Steinnes, Kamilla Knutsen; Mainsah, Henry (2022). Hybride maskuliniteter og hatideologi på nett: en litteraturgjennomgang om incels i et feministisk medievitenskapelig perspektiv. Norsk Medietidsskrift . Vol. 29.

Sanchez Boe, Carolina; Mainsah, Henry (2022). Porte de la Chapelle: Les migrants à la trace. Gardesse, Camille; Le Courant, Stefan; Diez, Evangeline (Ed.). L'EXIL À PARIS 2015-2020: Expérience migratoire, action publique et engagement citoyen. Part 2, Chapter 2.

Mainsah, Henry; Rafiki, Nicole (2022). Methodological reflections on curating an artistic event with African youth in a Norwegian city. Qualitative Research .

Sanchez Boe, Carolina; Mainsah, Henry (2021). Detained through a Smartphone: Deploying Experimental Collaborative Visual Methods to Study the Socio-Technical Landscape of Digital Confinement. Digital Culture & Society . Vol. 7.

Mainsah, Henry (2019). Methods for Probing Futures: Vardø. Kampevold Larsen, Janike; Hemmersam, Peter; Morrison, Andrew (Ed.). Future North Vardø. 1. p. 54-55.

Rosenberg, Thea Grav; Storm-Mathisen, Ardis; Steinnes, Kamilla Knutsen; Mainsah, Henry (2019). Skreddersøm til barnets beste? Om personvern og markedsføring på norske barns sosiale medieprofiler. Barn . Vol. 37.

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