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Daniela Lillekroken

Daniela Lillekroken

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Nursing science

Subject areas

Aging   Ethics   Rehabilitation   Participant observation   Care-taking of elders   Dementia   Qualitative methodologies   Nutrition   Nursing   Patients   Nursing Homes   Geriatric medicine   Salutogenesis   Next of kin   Dignity   Dementia care   Focus group

Scientific publications

Gilbert, Rachel; Lillekroken, Daniela (2024). Nurses’ perceptions of how their professional autonomy influences the moral dimension of end-of-life care to nursing home residents– a qualitative study. 13 p. BMC Nursing. Vol. 23.

Lillekroken, Daniela ; Kvalvaag, Heidi M.; Lindeflaten, Katrin ; Flølo, Tone Nygaard ; Krogstad, Kristine ; Hessevaagbakke, Elisabeth (2024). Educating the nurses of tomorrow: exploring first-year nursing students’ reflections on a one-week senior peer-mentor supervised inspiration practice in nursing homes. 15 p. BMC Nursing. Vol. 23.

Lillekroken, Daniela ; Bye, Asta ; Halvorsrud, Liv; Terragni, Laura ; Debesay, Jonas (2024). Food for Soul—Older Immigrants’ Food Habits and Meal Preferences After Immigration: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

Gilbert, Rachel; Lillekroken, Daniela (2023). Caring to the End: An Empirical Application of Swanson’s Caring Theory to End-of-Life Care. Advances in Nursing Science.

Gulestø, Ragnhild ; Lillekroken, Daniela ; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill ; Bjørge, Heidi (2023). Different senses of one’s place: Exploring social adjustment to home-based care services among family caregivers from minority ethnic backgrounds who have relatives living with dementia. Dementia. Vol. 22.

Stanescu-Yadav, Diana Nicoleta; Lillekroken, Daniela (2023). Nurse preceptors' perceptions of the fundamentals of nursing knowledge gained by students in clinical rotations at nursing homes: A qualitative study. Journal of Professional Nursing. Vol. 44.

Stanescu-Yadav, Diana Nicoleta; Lillekroken, Daniela (2022). Nurse preceptors' experiences of promoting and teaching fundamental care to undergraduate nursing students: A qualitative study. 13 p. Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Lillekroken, Daniela (2021). Slow nursing - salutogen omsorg i langtidshjem. Hedlund, Marianne; Ingstad, Kari; Moe, Aud (Ed.). God helse : kunnskap for framtidens kommunehelsetjeneste. p. 93-110. Universitetsforlaget.

Gulestø, Ragnhild ; Lillekroken, Daniela ; Bjørge, Heidi ; Halvorsrud, Liv (2021). Interactions between healthcare personnel and family caregivers of people with dementia from minority ethnic backgrounds in home-based care—An explorative qualitative study. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Vol. 78.

Lillekroken, Daniela ; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill ; Gulestø, Ragnhild ; Bjørge, Heidi (2021). Family caregivers’ experiences of providing care for family members from minority ethnic groups living with dementia: A qualitative systematic review. 17 p. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN).

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