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Way Kiat Bong

Way Kiat Bong

Scientific publications

Bong, Way Kiat; Jagannath Das, Kuthethur Sneha; Janszen, Felix (2022). Gluco Coach—A Self-Management Application for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: User testing to understand comfort levels and sustained patient engagement. eTELEMED 2022, The Fourteenth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine. eTELEMED.

Nguyen Du, Kha; Bong, Way Kiat (2022). A Universally Designed Dietary Mobile Application for Healthier Lifestyles. Ziefle, Martina; Mulvenna, Maurice; Maciaszek, Leszek A. (Ed.). Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health. Poster Presentation 2. p. 177-185. SciTePress.

Chua, Kah Heng; Bong, Way Kiat (2022). Providing inclusive education through virtual classrooms: a study of the experiences of secondary science teachers in Malaysia during the pandemic. International Journal of Inclusive Education .

Chen, Weiqin; Sanderson, Norun Christine; Nishchyk, Anna; Bong, Way Kiat; Kessel, Siri (2021). Usability of Learning Management Systems for Instructors – The Case of Canvas. Zaphiris, Panayiotis; Ioannou, Andri (Ed.). Learning and Collaboration Technologies: New Challenges and Learning Experiences: 8th International Conference, LCT 2021, Held as Part of the 23rd HCI International Conference, HCII 2021, Virtual Event, July 24–29, 2021, Proceedings, Part I. Kapittel. p. 210-223.

Simon-Liedtke, Joschua Thomas; Bong, Way Kiat; Schulz, Trenton Wade; Fuglerud, Kristin Skeide (2021). Remote Evaluation in Universal Design Using Video Conferencing Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Antona, M.; Stephanidis, C. (Ed.). Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction - Design Methods and User Experience. Part 1. Springer.

Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin (2021). Increasing faculty’s competence in digital accessibility for inclusive education: a systematic literature review. 17 p. International Journal of Inclusive Education .

Bong, Way Kiat; Bronshtein, Igal (2021). Designing Digital Games with & for Home-dwelling Older Adults” Social Interaction under Sheltering Measures. Mulvenna, Maurice; Ziefle, Martina; Maciaszek, Leszek A (Ed.). Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health. Aging Well – Social and Human Sciences Perspective. p. 57-68. SciTePress.

Bong, Way Kiat; Gaustadnes, Lisa Mari; Bergland, Astrid; Chen, Weiqin; Bye, Asta (2021). Community-living older people’s interpretation of the Norwegian version of older people’s quality of life (OPQOL) questionnaire. 11 p. Health and Social Care in the community .

Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin; Bergland, Astrid (2020). Exploring tangible user interface for social interaction and quality of life: The experiences of home-dwelling older adults. Gerontechnology . Vol. 20.

Poves, Javier Picazo; Hazenoot, Amber; Otaduy, Celia Martinez; Braux, Marie; Bong, Way Kiat (2020). User-centred Design For a not Straightforward University Wayfinding. Buck, Lyndon; von Bohemia, Erik; Grierson, Hilary (Ed.). DS 104: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE 2020). Section: Research in Design and Engineering Education Practice. The Design Society.

Bong, Way Kiat; Mausser, Florian; Eck, Margot van; De Araujo, Diogo; Tibosch, Jorg; Glaum, Tobias; Chen, Weiqin (2020). Designing Nostalgic Tangible User Interface Application for Elderly People. Miesenberger, Klaus; Manduchi, Roberto; Rodriguez, Mario Covarrubias; Peňáz, Petr (Ed.). Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Volume 12377. p. 471-479. Springer.

Bong, Way Kiat; Bergland, Astrid; Chen, Weiqin (2019). Technology Acceptance and Quality of Life among Older People Using a TUI Application. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) . Vol. 16.

Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin (2019). Tangible Cup for Elderly Social Interaction: Design TUI for & with Elderly. Journal on Technology & Persons with Disabilities . Vol. 7.

Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin; Bergland, Astrid (2018). Tangible User Interface for Social Interactions for the Elderly: A Review of Literature. Advances in Human-Computer Interaction . Vol. 2018.

Chen, Weiqin; Bong, Way Kiat; Li, Nan (2017). The Accessibility of Chinese Social Media Applications: A Heuristic Evaluation of the WeChat App. Kent, Mike; Ellis, Katie; Xu, Jian (Ed.). Chinese Social Media: Social, Cultural, and Political Implications. 11. Routledge.

Sanderson, Norun Christine; Chen, Weiqin; Bong, Way Kiat; Kessel, Siri (2016). The accessibility of MOOC platforms from instructors’ perspective. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) . Vol. 9739.

Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin (2016). How accessible are MOOCS to the elderly? A case study on a MOOC demo course. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) . Vol. 9758.

Bong, Way Kiat; Chen, Weiqin (2015). Mobile Instant Messaging for the Elderly. Procedia Computer Science . Vol. 67.

Bong, Way Kiat; Yang, Xiangyang; Yang, Yang; Zhao, Anqi; Chen, Weiqin (2014). An integrated social interactive tool to improve knowledge sharing among students. Bohemia, Erik; Eger, Arthur; Eggink, Wouter; Kovacevic, Ahmed; Parkinson, Brian; Wits, Wessel (Ed.). Design Education & Human Technology Relations. The 16th International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education. 3. p. 147-152. The Design Society.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete