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Björg Sigridur Anna Thordardottir

Björg Sigridur Anna Thordardottir


Occupational therapist, teacher and researcher, home, health, activity and participation, accessibility at home and outside the home, innovative assistive technology at home and outside the home, digital home rehabilitation, flexibility in the rural/urban health services, city living.

Scientific publications

Malmgren Fänge, Agneta; Thordardottir, Björg; Ankhesnamon Ya-Nyonge, Metuge; Lethin, Connie (2020). Satisfaction with Health Care Interventions among Community Dwelling People with Cognitive Disorders and Their Informal Caregivers—A Systematic Review. Healthcare . Vol. 8.

Thordardottir, Björg; Stigen, Linda; Magne, Trine A; Johnson, Susanne Grødem; Gramstad, Astrid; Gran, Adrian Wetlesen; Åsli, Lene Angel; Mørk, Gry; Bonsaksen, Tore (2020). Student perceptions of the learning environment in Norwegian occupational therapy education programs. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy .

Malmgren Fänge, Agneta; Carlsson, Gunilla; Axmon, Anna; Thordardottir, Björg; Chiatti, Carlos; Nilsson, Maria H; Ekstam, Lisa (2019). Effects of applying a standardized assessment and evaluation protocol in housing adaptation implementation – results from a quasi-experimental study. BMC Public Health . Vol. 19.

Thordardottir, Björg; Malmgren Fänge, Agneta; Lethin, Connie; Rodriguez Gatta, Danae; Chiatti, Carlos (2019). Acceptance and use of innovative assistive technologies among people with cognitive impairment and their caregivers: A systematic review. BioMed Research International . Vol. 2019:9196729.

Luther, Anna; Chiatti, Carlos; Ekstam, Lisa; Thordardottir, Björg; Fange, Agneta Malmgren (2018). Identifying and validating housing adaptation client profiles?a mixed methods study. Disability and Rehabilitation .

Thordardottir, Björg; Malmgren Fänge, Agneta; Chiatti, Carlos; Ekstam, Lisa (2018). Participation in Everyday Life Before and After a Housing Adaptation. Journal of Housing for the Elderly .

Lovisa, Boström; Chiatti, Carlos; Thordardottir, Björg; Ekstam, Lisa; Malmgren Fänge, Agneta (2018). Health-Related Quality of Life among People Applying for Housing Adaptations: Associated Factors. 9 p. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health . Vol. 15.

Thordardottir, Björg; Ekstam, Lisa; Chiatti, Carlos; Malmgren Fänge, Agneta (2016). Factors associated with participation frequency and satisfaction among people applying for a housing adaptation grant. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy . Vol. 23.

Thordardottir, Björg; Malmgren Fänge, Agneta; Ekstam, Lisa; Chiatti, Carlos (2016). Heterogeneity of characteristics among applicants for housing adaptations in Sweden-relationships to participation and self-rated health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health . Vol. 13.

Nilsson, Maria H; Iwarsson, Susanne; Thordardottir, Björg; Haak, Maria (2015). Barriers and facilitators for participation in people with Parkinson’s Disease. Journal of Parkinson's Disease . Vol. 5.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete