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Olav-Johan Øye

Olav-Johan Øye


Senior communications adviser and communications contact for the Department of Built Environment, Department of Computer Science and Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering. My duties are - responsibility for content related to the Faculty of technology, Art and Design on the university’s websites - production of content, publication, development and maintenance of webpages and social media, particularly with respect to information about study programmes, research and development and the faculty - advisory services and planning - other information, communication and marketing duties

Administrative field of work

Strategic communication   Electronic communications   Web publishing   Social media   Student recruitment   Research communication   Marketing   Web Editor   Press contact   Photography

Publications and research


Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Hvordan kan vi være sikre på at kunstig intelligens stiller rett diagnose?.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Kunstig intelligens kan gi oss riktig diagnose. Men vi vet for lite om hvordan den gjør det.

Øye, Olav-Johan; Fritsch, Lothar (2022). Slik kan du unngå dataangrep.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Storløyving til forskning på autonome søk.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Bakterier kan rense skittent avløpsvann.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Avløpsvann kan renses enklere og billigere.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Slik kan du unngå dataangrep.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2022). Slik kan du unngå dataangrep.

Øye, Olav-Johan; Nichele, Stefano; Normann, Maria Storvig (2021). Slik kan biologien inspirere kunstig intelligens.

Øye, Olav-Johan (2021). Smarttelefonen er ikke smart nok for eldre.

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