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Ingrid Jacobsen

Ingrid Jacobsen


Data Protection Officer
Web publisher: Web publishing, protection of privacy
Legal assistance: Various issues conserning protection of privacy/information security

Administrative field of work

Data security   Protection of privacy in research   Legal assistance   Web publishing

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Anthun, Frank Otto; Bailey, Sharon; Birchley, Giles; Bout, Henriette; Casonato, Carlo; Fuster, Gloria González; Heinrichs, Bert; Horbach, Serge; Jacobsen, Ingrid; Janssen, Jacques; Kaiser, Matthias; Lerouge, Inge; van der Meulen, Barend; Sarah de Rijcke, Sarah; Saretzki, Thomas; Sutrop, Margit; Tazewell, Marta; Varantola, Krista; Vie, Knut Jørgen; Zwart, Hub; Zöller, Mira (2018). Working with research integrity—Guidance for research performing organisations: The Bonn PRINTEGER Statement. Science and Engineering Ethics.

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