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Julie Røgler Langås

Julie Røgler Langås


My research project is called lifestyle factors, age at menopause and subsequent health outcomes.
I have a BA in International Relations from Durham University (UK), a BSc in Psychology from Leiden University and got my MSc research (Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). In my honours research bachelor project, I looked at whether nVNS (non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation) could reduce physiological symptoms of stress. In Amsterdam I was part of the Habit Lab, where I used EEG and time-frequency analysis to observe changes in the brain when we form a habit.
In general, I am interested in lifestyle factors (like alcohol and sleep), how it affects our health and how we can form good habits to prevent bad health outcomes.

Scientific publications

Langås, Julie Røgler ; Eskild, Anne; Hofvind, Solveig Sand-Hanssen; Bjelland, Elisabeth Krefting (2023). The dose-response relationship of pre-menopausal alcohol consumption with age at menopause: a population study of 280 497 women in Norway. 7 p. International Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 52.

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