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Julie Røgler Langås

Julie Røgler Langås


My research project is called lifestyle factors, age at menopause and subsequent health outcomes.
I have a BA in International Relations from Durham University (UK), a BSc in Psychology from Leiden University and got my MSc research (Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). In my honours research bachelor project, I looked at whether nVNS (non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation) could reduce physiological symptoms of stress. In Amsterdam I was part of the Habit Lab, where I used EEG and time-frequency analysis to observe changes in the brain when we form a habit.
In general, I am interested in lifestyle factors (like alcohol and sleep), how it affects our health and how we can form good habits to prevent bad health outcomes.

Publications and research


Langås, Julie Røgler (2022). The dose-response relationship of premenopausal alcohol consumption with age at menopause: a population study of 280,497 women in Norway. The 28th Norwegian Conference on Epidemiology. Norsk forening for epidemiologi (NOFE).

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