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Kelly Pitera

Kelly Pitera

Scientific publications

Zhang, Xinying; Pitera, Kelly Ann ; Wang, Yuanqing (2024). Exploring parking choices under the coexistence of autonomous and conventional vehicles. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. Vol. 636.

Log, Markus Metallinos; Eitrheim, Maren Helene Rø; Pitera, Kelly Ann ; Tørset, Trude; Levin, Tomas (2023). Operational and Infrastructure Readiness for Semi-Automated Truck Platoons on Rural Roads. 18 p. Dansk Tidsskrift for Transportforskning. Vol. 30.

Zhang, Xinying; Pitera, Kelly Ann ; Wang, Yuanqing (2023). Parking reservation techniques: A review of research topics, considerations, and optimization methods. Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition). Vol. 10.

Mirhosseini, Ali Foroutan; Pitera, Kelly Ann ; Odeck, James Oyugi (2023). Ex-post evaluation of project efficiency and effectiveness within a Norwegian highway project. Case Studies on Transport Policy. Vol. 13.

Lægran, Johanne; Pitera, Kelly Ann ; Tørset, Trude (2023). Carrier-provided freight data for improved sustainable urban mobility planning. 8 p. Research in Transportation Economics. Vol. 102.

Foroutan Mirhosseini, Seyedali; Pitera, Kelly ; Odeck, James; Welde, Morten (2022). Sustainable Project Management: Reducing the Risk of Cost Inaccuracy Using a PLS-SEM Approach. 20 p. Sustainability. Vol. 14.

Eitrheim, Maren Helene Rø; Log, Markus Metallinos; Tørset, Trude; Levin, Tomas; Pitera, Kelly (2022). Opportunities and Barriers for Truck Platooning on Norwegian Rural Freight Routes. 15 p. Transportation Research Record. Vol. 2676.

Storsæter, Ane Dalsnes; Pitera, Kelly ; McCormack, Edward (2021). The automated driver as a new road user. 23 p. Transport reviews. Vol. 41.

Skaaland, Eivind; Pitera, Kelly (2021). Investigating the use of visualization to improve public participation in infrastructure projects: how are digital approaches used and what value do they bring?. 14 p. Urban, Planning and Transport Research. Vol. 9.

Storsæter, Ane Dalsnes; Pitera, Kelly ; McCormack, Edward (2021). Using ADAS to Future-Proof Roads—Comparison of Fog Line Detection from an In-Vehicle Camera and Mobile Retroreflectometer. 17 p. Sensors. Vol. 21.

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