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Scientific publications

Franco Torres, Manuel (2021). The Path to the New Urban Water Paradigm – From Modernity to Metamodernism. 20 p. Water Alternatives - An interdisciplinary journal on water, politics and development. Vol. 14.

Franco Torres, Manuel ; Kvålshaugen, Ragnhild; Ugarelli, Rita Maria (2021). Understanding the governance of urban water services from an institutional logics perspective. Utilities Policy. Vol. 68.

Franco Torres, Manuel ; Rogers, Briony C.; Harder, Robin (2021). Articulating the new urban water paradigm. Critical reviews in environmental science and technology. Vol. 51.

Franco Torres, Manuel ; Rogers, Briony; Ugarelli, Rita Maria (2020). A framework to explain the role of boundary objects in sustainability transitions. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. Vol. 36.

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