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Malene Karensdatter Brandshaug

Malene Karensdatter Brandshaug


Malene K Brandshaug is working on her postdoctoral project Rights of Waters - An ethnographic study of human-environment relations and local mobilisation in Peru and Norway. She is a member of the research project Riverine Rights - Exploring the Currents and Consequences of Legal Innovations on the Rights of Rivers. Malene is a social anthropologist with her PHD from School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University, and her MA from Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo. She has done long-term ethnographic fieldwork among small-scale farmers in the Peruvian Andes twice since 2013. At the moment she is doing fieldwork on natur protection in Norway. Her research interests concern human-nature relations and in particular water practices and environmental change, including topics such as nature management, environmental protection, water politics, indigeneity, infrastructure, development, and (de)coloniality. She is inspired by the fields of more-than-human anthropology, political ecology, science and technology studies (STS), feminist materialism, socio-legal studies and environmental humanities.

Scientific publications

Brandshaug, Malene Karensdatter (2023). Water Climing: A Cosmopolitical Ecology of Water in the Southern Peruvian Andes. Smyer Yü, Dan; Wouters, Jelle (Ed.). Storying Multipolar Climes of the Himalaya, Andes and Arctic: Anthropocenic Climate and Shapeshifting Watery Lifeworlds. Routledge.

Brandshaug, Malene Karensdatter (2021). Water, Life, and Loss: Aguasociality and Environmental Change in the Peruvian Andes. kritisk etnografi - Swedish Journal of Anthropology. Vol. 4.

Paerregaard, Karsten; Baez Ullberg, Susann; Brandshaug, Malene Karensdatter (2020). Smooth flows? Hydrosocial communities, water governance and infrastructural discord in Peru’s southern highlands. Water international.

Brandshaug, Malene Karensdatter (2019). Water as More than Commons or Commodity: Understanding Water Management Practices in Yanque, Peru. Water Alternatives - An interdisciplinary journal on water, politics and development.

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