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Marco Matassa

Marco Matassa


I am an associate professor in mathematics. My main research interests are quantum groups and non-commutative geometry.

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Scientific publications

Matassa, Marco (2022). Quantum Riemannian geometry of quantum projective spaces. 31 p. Journal of Geometry and Physics . Vol. 179.

Matassa, Marco (2021). Fubini-Study metrics and Levi-Civita connections on quantum projective spaces. 56 p. Advances in Mathematics . Vol. 393.

De Commer, Kenny; Matassa, Marco (2020). Quantum flag manifolds, quantum symmetric spaces and their associated universal K-matrices. Advances in Mathematics . Vol. 366.

Matassa, Marco (2020). Twisted Hochschild Homology of Quantum Flag Manifolds and Kähler Forms. SIGMA. Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry . Vol. 16.

Matassa, Marco (2020). Twisted Hochschild Homology of Quantum Flag Manifolds: 2-Cycles from Invariant Projections. Journal of Algebra and its Applications .

Matassa, Marco (2019). Kahler structures on quantum irreducible flag manifolds. Journal of Geometry and Physics . Vol. 145.

Matassa, Marco (2019). The Parthasarathy formula and a spectral triple for the quantum Lagrangian Grassmannian of rank two. Letters in Mathematical Physics .

Matassa, Marco; Yuncken, Robert (2019). Regularity of twisted spectral triples and pseudodifferential calculi. Journal of Noncommutative Geometry . Vol. 13.

Matassa, Marco (2019). On PBW-Deformations of Braided Exterior Algebras. Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras .

Matassa, Marco (2018). On the Dolbeault-Dirac Operators on Quantum Projective Spaces. Journal of Lie theory . Vol. 28.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete