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Moon Keun Kim

Moon Keun Kim

Scientific publications

Liu, Jiying; Sun, Mengtao; Kim, Moon Keun; Song, Shoujie (2023). Developing simplified numerical calculation and BP neural network modeling for the cooling capacity in a radiant floor cooling system. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering .

Ren, Chen; Wang, Junqi; Feng, Zhuangbo; Kim, Moon Keun; Haghighat, Fariborz; Cao, Shi-Jie (2023). Refined design of ventilation systems to mitigate infection risk in hospital wards: Perspective from ventilation openings setting. Environmental Pollution (1987) . Vol. 333.

Pomorski, Piotr Pawel; Kim, Moon Keun (2023). Numerical performance investigation of decentralized ventilation compared to centralized ventilation system at a residential building: A case study in Norway. E3S Web of Conferences . Vol. 396.

Liu, Jiying; Su, Meng; Fu, Nuodi; Kim, Moon Keun (2023). A Numerical Study on the Exergy Performance of a Hybrid Radiant Cooling System in an Office Building: Comparative Case Study and Analysis. Buildings . Vol. 13.

Gao, Bo; Zhu, Xiaoyue; Ren, Jing; Ran, Jingyu; Kim, Moon Keun; Liu, Jiying (2023). Multi-objective optimization of energy-saving measures and operation parameters for a newly retrofitted building in future climate conditions: A case study of an office building in Chengdu. Energy Reports . Vol. 9.

Cui, Mengying; Liu, Jiying; Kim, Moon Keun; Wu, Xiaozhou (2023). Application potential analysis of different control strategies for radiant floor cooling systems in office buildings in different climate zones of China. Energy and Buildings . Vol. 282.

Kim, Moon Keun (2022). The changes of residential environment for eco-friendly and zero energy buildings in Norway. KHousing. Vol. 17.

Strand, Anders; Kim, Moon Keun (2022). Comparative Numerical Energy Analysis of Decentralized Ventilation Adapting to Local Norway Climates. E3S Web of Conferences . Vol. 362.

Fu, Nuodi; Kim, Moon Keun; Huang, Long; Liu, Jiying; Chen, Bing; Sharples, Stephen (2022). Experimental and numerical analysis of indoor air quality affected by outdoor air particulate levels (PM<inf>1.0</inf>, PM<inf>2.5</inf> and PM<inf>10</inf>), room infiltration rate, and occupants' behaviour. 15 p. Science of the Total Environment . Vol. 851.

Su, Meng; Liu, Jiying; Kim, Moon Keun; Wu, Xiaozhou (2022). Predicting moisture condensation risk on the radiant cooling floor of an office using integration of a genetic algorithm-back-propagation neural network with sensitivity analysis. Energy and Built Environment (EBE) .

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