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Moon Keun Kim

Moon Keun Kim

Scientific publications

Mao, Yudong; Liu, Shouyu; Liu, Jiying; Yu, Mingzhi; Li, Xinwei; Kim, Moon Keun ; Yang, Kaimin (2024). Phonon Transport Characteristics of Nano-Silicon Thin Films Irradiated by Ultrafast Laser under Dispersion Relation. Buildings. Vol. 14.

Kim, Moon Keun ; Liu, Jiying; Baldini, Luca (2024). Numerical analysis, design and application of a decentralized ventilation system with a heat recovery unit adapting to Nordic climates: A case study in Norway. Energy Reports.

Fu, Nuodi; Kim, Moon Keun ; Huang, Long; Liu, Jiying; Chen, Bing; Sharples, Stephen (2024). Investigating the reliability of estimating real-time air exchange rates in a building by using airborne particles, including PM<inf>1.0</inf>, PM<inf>2.5</inf>, and PM<inf>10</inf>: A case study in Suzhou, China. Atmospheric Pollution Research (APR). Vol. 15.

Pomorski, Piotr Pawel; Kim, Moon Keun (2023). Numerical performance investigation of decentralized ventilation compared to centralized ventilation system at a residential building: A case study in Norway. 6 p. E3S Web of Conferences. Vol. 396.

Ren, Chen; Wang, Junqi; Feng, Zhuangbo; Kim, Moon Keun ; Haghighat, Fariborz; Cao, Shi-Jie (2023). Refined design of ventilation systems to mitigate infection risk in hospital wards: Perspective from ventilation openings setting. 15 p. Environmental Pollution (1987). Vol. 333.

Cui, Mengying; Liu, Jiying; Kim, Moon Keun ; Wu, Xiaozhou (2023). Application potential analysis of different control strategies for radiant floor cooling systems in office buildings in different climate zones of China. 24 p. Energy and Buildings. Vol. 282.

Gao, Bo; Zhu, Xiaoyue; Ren, Jing; Ran, Jingyu; Kim, Moon Keun ; Liu, Jiying (2023). Multi-objective optimization of energy-saving measures and operation parameters for a newly retrofitted building in future climate conditions: A case study of an office building in Chengdu. 16 p. Energy Reports. Vol. 9.

Liu, Jiying; Su, Meng; Fu, Nuodi; Kim, Moon Keun (2023). A Numerical Study on the Exergy Performance of a Hybrid Radiant Cooling System in an Office Building: Comparative Case Study and Analysis. Buildings. Vol. 13.

Cui, Mengying; Liu, Jiying; Kim, Moon Keun ; Wu, Xiaozhou (2023). A review of the control optimization and application potential of the radiant floor cooling system. Building Simulation Conference Proceedings. Vol. 18.

An, Wenhan; Zhu, Xiangyuan; Yang, Kaimin; Kim, Moon Keun ; Liu, Jiying (2023). Hourly Heat Load Prediction for Residential Buildings Based on Multiple Combination Models: A Comparative Study. 20 p. Buildings. Vol. 13.

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