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Mulatu Alemayehu Moges

Mulatu Alemayehu Moges


Mulatu Alemayehu Moges is an associate professor of journalism and Communication at the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Oslomet University, Norway. He joined Oslomet in the SAR program. He is part of the project entitled Decoding Digital Media in Africa Conflict (DDMAC) which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. He did his PhD in Media and Communication at the University of Oslo in 2017. His project focused on media and internal conflict in Ethiopia. His MA is from Addis Ababa University, Journalism and Communication, where has been serving as an assistant professor. At this university, he offered courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs and supervised and examined MA and PhD students both at Addis Ababa University and other universities in the country.

Mulatu has an extensive understanding of Ethiopian media. He has been a media practitioner for ten years. He has been researching the Ethiopian media specifically the media landscape, freedom of expression and the press, the safety of journalists, media plurality and diversity, conflict-sensitive reporting, gender and gender-based violence and media and ethnicity and media and religion, media and election, reports, and others. And, he has published several articles on these and other issues. He has been presenting his research outputs at national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops. He has also been supporting the Ethiopian media by facilitating several training workshops on various themes.  He has been running many research and capacity-building projects.

Regarding coordinating the program, Mulatu has good leadership and coordination skills. He was a PhD program Coordinator (2019-2021) and an assistant Dean (2011-2013) at the School of Journalism and Communication in Addis Ababa for different periods. He was a coordinator for the NORPART program (2016-2023), a capacity program initiative that supports Ethiopian higher education capability.

Mulatu has also worked as a consultant for local and international organizations. His interest is the political economy of the media, freedom of expression, the safety of journalists, peace journalism, conflict-sensitive reporting, ethnicity, religion, election, hate speech, Mis/disinformation, social media and gender.

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete