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Kristin Skare Orgeret

Kristin Skare Orgeret


Research, teaching and dissemination in the field of media and journalism with a particular focus on media in conflict, freedom of speech, media’s societal role, and power relations. Dr. Art with her dissertation on public service broadcasting in post-apartheid South Africa. Awarded OsloMet's Dissemination Prize 2022.

Heading the research group MEKK – Media in War and Conflict, with Roy Krøvel. MEKK organizes annual Safety of Journalists conferences every first week in November. Please see: Leading the NRC-funded project ‘Decoding Digital Media in African regions of Conflict’ (DD-MAC) with partners from the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Mali, and with Norwegian SIMULA (2021–2025). Leading the NORPART project 'Expanding Horizons in Media and Journalism studies' with partners in Tanzania, Uganda, Colombia and Nicaragua (2021–2025) and the Intpart project ‘Safety Matters’ on journalist safety,  with partners in Brazil, South Africa, and the USA (2021–2025) with Roy Krøvel. 

Research projects

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete