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Fabrizio Palumbo

Fabrizio Palumbo

Research projects

  • The AI Journalism Resource Center

    The AIJRC is a resource center for AI and Data Science in investigative journalism. It is a collaboration between the AI Lab and the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at OsloMet.

Scientific publications

Orgeret, Kristin; Krøvel, Roy; Palumbo, Fabrizio (2023). Understanding Roots and Betweenness Defining Safety of Journalists as a Sub-Field of Research. Journalism Studies . Vol. 24.

Opalic, Sven Myrdahl; Palumbo, Fabrizio; Goodwin, Morten; Lei, Jiao; Nielsen, Henrik Kofoed; Kolhe, Mohan Lal (2023). COST-WINNERS: COST reduction WIth Neural NEtworks-based augmented Random Search for simultaneous thermal and electrical energy storage control. Journal of Energy Storage . Vol. 72.

Palumbo, Fabrizio; Buji, Adam; Yazidi, Anis; Haugerud, Hårek (2022). Genetic Algorithms For Tightening Security. Ukjent, Ukjent (Ed.). Proceedings of the 14th IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference. Vitenskapelig konferanseartikkel. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Lien, Henrik; Biermann, Daniel; Palumbo, Fabrizio; Goodwin, Morten (2022). An Exploration of Semi-supervised Text Classification. Iliadis, Lazaros; Jayne, Chrisina; Tefas, Anastasios; Pimenidis, Elias (Ed.). Engineering Applications of Neural Networks - 23rd International Conference, EAAAI/EANN 2022. Konferanseartikkel. p. 477-488. Springer Nature.

Palumbo, Fabrizio; Serneels, Bram; Yaksi, Emre (2021). Optimized protocol for conditioned place avoidance learning in juvenile zebrafish. STAR Protocols . Vol. 2.

Fore, Stephanie Liesbeth; Acuna Hinrichsen, Francisca Daniela; Mutlu, Aytac Kadir; Bartoszek-Kandler, Ewelina Magdalena; Serneels, Bram; Faturos, Nicholas Guy; Chau, Khac Thanh Phong; Cosacak, Mehmet Ilyas; Diaz Verdugo, Carmen; Palumbo, Fabrizio; Ringers, Christa; Jurisch-Yaksi, Nathalie; Kizil, Caghan; Yaksi, Emre (2020). Functional properties of habenular neurons are determined by developmental stage and sequential neurogenesis. Science Advances .

Palumbo, Fabrizio; Serneels, Bram; Pelgrims, Robbrecht; Yaksi, Emre (2020). The Zebrafish dorsal habenula is required for updating learned behaviors. Cell reports . Vol. 32.

Kermen, Florence; Darnet, Lea; Wiest, Christoph; Palumbo, Fabrizio; Bechert, Jack; Uslu, Ozge; Yaksi, Emre (2020). Stimulus-specific behavioral responses of zebrafish to a large range of odors exhibit individual variability. 16 p. BMC Biology . Vol. 18.

Foré, Stephanie; Palumbo, Fabrizio; Pelgrims, Robbrecht; Yaksi, Emre (2018). Information processing in the vertebrate habenula. Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology . Vol. 78.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete